How to find, and survive a Vancouver Drag Show

May 18 2017, 6:23 pm

This piece was written for Daily Hive by David Cutting. David is a local drag performer and writer. He is known for his big smile and obnoxious laugh. He is the Co-host/Co-creator of The Sleepy Girls Show, a drag show that runs on the last Sunday of every month at 8:30 pm at Displace Hashery.

So as I venture to share with you the pantheon of drag shows this city has, I have to first offer up a caveat.

I am one person, my opinions are just that. They do not mirror the ultimate truth, just my personal experience of these Drag shows. You should know that I am here to promote, I have worked with many of these Queens, Kings and Things and will continue to work with and for them. I am here to make these shows more accessible, as I feel that Drag in this city deserves more admiration and recognition at large.

So to help in that endeavour I have served up my take on some of the best shows this city has to offer, as well as some handy tips to help you survive your experience.

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Shame Spiral

Peach Cobblah’s weekly show that explores the poor choices made over the weekend. Peach regals the community with crazy stories and performs numbers blindly from a blender she calls “the Blender of Shame” Her weekly guests share tawdry stories that are often odd and highly unfortunate sexual experiences. Also Peach is the sweatiest person living and the seats closest to the stage are the Splash zone. Trust me, I know.

  • Where: 1181 Lounge
  • When: Every Tuesday at 11 pm
  • Tickets: Free.
  • Do: Pull a song from the Blender of Shame for Peach to perform.
  • Don’t: Sit too close if you are allergic to other peoples’ sweat.

Barron Gurl Show

Carlotta Gurl and Isolde N Barron get together and do really crazy things. They strip people on stage, they makeout with people. DJ Del Stamp acts as the third cast member with his witty responses and shenanigans. They share the stage with one guest each week, and the show ends with a cute group number.

  • Where: Junction
  • When: Every Wednesday at 11 pm
  • Tickets: $5
  • Do: Play musical chairs.
  • Don’t: Be afraid to take your clothes off if asked/told.


Epic girl group. These six ladies will turn you out (a term that means make you have a really nice time) Their high energy and goofy humour will keep you coming back.

  • Where: Junction
  • When: Every Thursday at 11 pm
  • Tickets: $6
  • Do: Follow them on Instagram (handles are their Drag names -Valynne Vile, Gia Metric, Thanks Jem, Kendall Gender, Synthia Kiss, and Jane Smoker).
  • Don’t: Be afraid to have a favourite girl *wink*

Man Up

A gender tripping night of fun and epic Drag, this show has had a nine year run in East Van! If you want the full spectrum of Drag you can get it here, Drag Queens, Drag Kings, Drag Things and gender tripping performers! Its a cacophony of gender performance!

  • Where: Cobalt
  • When: Last Friday of every month at 10 pm
  • Tickets: $15
  • Do: Check out their Facebook page for safe space details.
  • Don’t: Forget to make new friends!

Faux Girls

The monthly show in support of the Dogwood Monarchist Society. It is an open stage for all performers to come and raise money for the current gay charities supported by DMS under the current reigning empress who also hosts the show! 2017’s Reigning Empress is Jane Smoker.

  • Where: Junction
  • When: Third Friday of every month at 10 pm
  • Tickets: $5
  • Do: Come and support charity / perform if you are a performer.
  • Don’t: Forget to bring all your friends.

Absolutely Dragulous

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Carlotta Gurl’s Saturday staple, hottest talent, cartwheels, drinks, bridal parties, birthdays, Carlotta deep throating the microphone, this show has everything.

  • Where: Junction
  • When: Every Saturday at 10:30 pm
  • Tickets: $5-7
  • Do: Everything Carlotta says.
  • Don’t: Let Carlotta put her fingers in your mouth, unless you’re into it.

Sleepy Girls Show

A nostalgic romp through our formative years. Hosted by Dust and Amy Grindhouse this show is ALL AGES!! Exploring themes of of sex, love, bad influences, and formative life moments. Elements of story telling, comedy meet charm and community.

  • Where: Displace Hashery
  • When: Last Sunday of every month at 9:30 pm
  • Tickets: $5-10
  • Do: Come for dinner before the show! Dust will eat a whole pizza in front of you.
  • Don’t: Expect much!


Vancouver’s Las Vegas style revue of old school glamour and world class impersonations. Hosted by local legend Jaylene Tyme with new weekly guests and cohosts! Jaylene’s impersonations are breathtaking, my personal favourites are Dolly Parton, Cher and her Tina Turner gets me turnt all the way up.

  • Where: XY Nightclub
  • When: Every Sunday at 9:30 pm
  • Tickets: $5
  • Do: Come early for a good seat.
  • Don’t: Mistake Jaylene for the real celebrity, she is her own celebrity.

Sanctuary + Shequel

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Two back-to-back Drag shows. Sanctuary happens at 1181 followed by The Shequel at XY across the street! Alma Bitches keeps her finger on the pulse of what is “cool” she books the hottest talent and packs the house every Sunday. This show has stomped its way into the hearts of many Drag fans in the city. it’s Curnt (Current) and Turnt (um?)

  • Where: 1181 Lounge and XY Nightclub
  • When: Every Sunday at 11:30 pm
  • Tickets: Free
  • Do: Drink lots, sing along, live for Alma.
  • Don’t: Worry about the fact you may have to work Monday morning.

Sadly I couldn’t include every Drag show in Vancouver (but feel free to check out a full list of our city’s shows here).

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