How the team at Vancouver's stunning Dockside Restaurant crafted their fresh dining menu

Mar 27 2023, 6:54 pm

Vancouverites are no strangers to their city’s beauty — heck, it’s one of the main reasons many people relocate to the west coast and it’s a huge pride point for the region — but there are certain extra special spots that really showcase Vancouver perfectly, pairing incredible meals with an absolutely breathtaking view.

Anyone who has had the privilege of visiting Dockside Restaurant will know that its stunning waterfront dining room is absolutely one of those spots, with vantages of False Creek and the cityscape on both sides from the tip of Granville Island.

dockside restaurant

The eatery is known for its epic patio in the summer, though the indoor dining room boasts equally magnificent views. (Dockside Restaurant)

While the waterfront patio is often thought to be the star of the show, Dockside’s indoor dining room is just as spectacular, showing off the same awe-inspiring views through a large paned exterior.

Full of light, the sprawling space makes the Dockside dining experience all the more unique, complementing the delectable menu that was expertly curated by chef Zachary Steele and his team, who have taken Steele’s 22 years of industry experience to new heights with the eatery’s dishes.

Dockside Restaurant

The views from the quieter east side of Granville Island are sure to wow. (Dockside Restaurant)

“We wanted to focus on seasonal items and classic preparations with a twist,” Steele tells Daily Hive.

“We have French and Italian inspiration as it’s the culinary background of both myself and my team. Importantly, our food is approachable — we love classic dishes and tradition, but we like to focus on local products and incorporate modern cooking techniques.”

With a robust list of offerings that has highlights ranging from oysters and scallops to brisket and pork belly, you can also dig into winter squash, truffle toast, or west coast paella and sablefish. Dockside’s food changes with the seasonality and availability of ingredients from the area, meaning every single one is fresh and hand-selected with purpose.

dockside restaurant

The menu centres on local, seasonal ingredients. (Nora Hamade/Dockside Restaurant)

“We pride ourselves on our high-quality food and curated menu options. Everything is locally sourced, in seasonal peak, and prepared in-house,” he explains.

“Dockside works with local farms, and suppliers to provide produce that is peaking in quality. All of our meats are organic, free of hormones, grass-fed, and most are halal, and our seafood is Ocean Wise recommended.”

dockside restaurant

Dockside prides itself on the food quality and variety of menu options available. (Nora Hamade/Dockside Restaurant)

He and his team are also very aware of how Dockside’s physical presence impacts the overall experience for guests, calling the property on the more tranquil east side of the island “a hidden gem.”

“Many people, even those from Vancouver aren’t aware of the beautiful and unique dining setting that awaits them at dockside,” he says, adding that the most distinctive feature Dockside has that other restaurants in Metro Vancouver can’t beat is “by far the location and the view.”

dockside restaurant

Both the indoor and outdoor spaces at Dockside are perfect for not just a meal, but for all sorts of private events. (Nora Hamade/Dockside Restaurant)

And that view is something that people seek out not just for a special meal, but for their biggest milestones as well — the restaurant is known as a one-of-a-kind venue for hosting weddings, retreats and all sorts of stunning private events indoors and out.

Locals can look forward to Dockside’s upcoming spring menu, which is slated to launch in April at the same time it opens its iconic and updated waterfront patio.

“Come and try, you’ll be amazed,” Steele says.

You can head to Dockside Restaurant Vancouver’s website to learn more about their specials and delicious menu offerings, and to make a reservation.

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