Meet the Vancouver cosmetic doctor with a worldwide clientele

Oct 24 2019, 10:19 pm

Getting medical aesthetic treatments is no longer a taboo subject. Hey, you could even book an appointment to get botox during your lunch break if you wanted to.

We’re living in a time when celebrities like Kylie Jenner are going on Instagram to not just show off their new look, but tell the world who worked on their lips — because it’s an everyday topic of conversation. Anyone considering enhancing their appearance, whether it’s their lips, legs, or jawline, is bound to spend time finding the right cosmetic doctor.

Nobody wants to waste their time going to a clinic that will leave them unhappy with the end result. That’s why people are expanding their options beyond the city they live in. For some, that means travelling not to the cosmetic capital of Los Angeles, but our very own Vancouver.

Travelling for treatments

Washington State resident, Cheryl Russo, wanted to find the right physician and cosmetic medical centre before getting her lips done. She chose Vancouver’s CüR Laser and Skin and Dr. Kumar Shivdasani after hearing positive reviews from former clients. “The 3.5-hour drive from Tacoma to Vancouver was totally worth it,” says Russo.

These kinds of stories aren’t rare among patients of Dr. Shivdasani. In fact, many of his clients fly in from Australia, New York, London, Switzerland, Portland, and Washington especially to see him.

Dr. Kumar Shivdasani/CüR Laser and Skin

Dr. Shivdasani is the owner of CüR Laser and Skin and a local medical practitioner with more than 25 years of experience. When he’s not at CüR, he works at Vancouver General Hospital, looking after patients who are battling cancer and those who have suffered heart attacks and strokes.

However, his interest in wellness medicine goes hand-in-hand with his passion for bringing about positive change for others.

Dr. Shivdasani helps his clients maintain and achieve their goals for rejuvenation of the body and soul. And his West Broadway cosmetic medical centre has been designed to make clients feel relaxed, before and after their treatments.


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Dr. Shivdasani is a creative perfectionist who performs thousands of injectable procedures every year using Botox and dermal fillers to subtly enhance facial features including lips, tear troughs, cheeks and jawline. Dr. Kumar likes to look at the whole face and see how different areas connect and affect each other. He prides himself on giving natural results and prefers to build up areas gradually, slowly without looking overdone.

And because it’s important to monitor and take care of your skin after these kind of procedures, patients can reach him 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with any questions or concerns they have.

When it comes to the range of treatments offered, CüR Laser and Skin are specialists in EMSCULPTING, HotSculpting, MiraDryCoolSculpting, laser treatments such as vein removal, skin tightening, and hair removal, as well as Botox.



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Being a physician-directed cosmetic medical centre allows CüR Laser and Skin to provide a high standard of care in a hygienic, professional setting.

If you’re curious in developing your own personalized plan for natural-looking enhancement with Dr. Shivdasani, visit CüR Laser and Skin now to schedule a consultation.

CüR Laser and Skin

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Phone: 604-662-7368

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