Vancouver Commute Times Slightly Above Global Average

Dec 19 2017, 1:10 pm

When it comes to commute times we in Metro Vancouver aren’t that bad off. However, if we were to listen to the complaints, some have it rougher than others. Such is the life of one who chooses to live far from work I suppose. According to Toronto Board of Trade research, Metro Vancouver drivers spend 67 minutes on their daily commutes.  The worst offenders are Toronto and Montreal, both come at the top of the global list at 80 and 76 minutes, respectively.

Last year we reported Vancouver’s commutes times have been decreasing over the years. Let’s hope the trend continues.

Toronto Board of Trade research on the average total commute time in major metros:

  • Dallas 53 minutes
  • Milan 53.4
  • Seattle 55.5
  • Boston 55.8
  • Los Angeles 56.1
  • San Francisco 57.4
  • Chicago 61.4
  • Berlin 63.2
  • Halifax 65
  • Sydney 66
  • Madrid 66.1
  • Calgary 67
  • Vancouver 67
  • New York 68.1
  • Stockholm 70
  • London 74
  • Montreal 76
  • Toronto 80

The average is 64.2 minutes, so all things considered we fair pretty well. However, this is all the more reason to expand rapid transit lines in the Tri-Cities, the UBC rapid transit line and Surrey’s LRT system. Having readily accessible rapid transit is the first step in eliminating the car culture we so heavily rely upon.

Image: Mark Woodbury

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