Vancouver Coastal Health is now on TikTok and it's amazing (VIDEOS)

Aug 21 2020, 4:00 pm

If you’re going to be spending a few minutes hours on social media, you might as well be learning something.

In an effort to target young adults with COVID-19 safety information, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) has boosted its presence on social media. Most notably, they’ve been creating some phenomenal TikToks.

The health authority says it’s part of a new campaign to reach millennials and those younger. There are tips on how to safely visit restaurants, spend time outside with friends, and even what not to do when visiting clubs.

@vch.healthtok3 things not to do in the club that just make sense ##covid19♬ Yeah! – Usher / Lil’ Jon

@vch.healthtokYou shouldn’t shame people as you don’t know their situation, but for fun we’re going to rate some stock photos for physical distancing. ##covid19♬ Rating – astapasta3

The reason why this campaign is aimed at a younger demographic is that 20- to 39-year-olds represent the biggest increase in positive coronavirus cases.

Over the first several months of the pandemic, 43% of British Columbia’s cases were in the 60-plus age group. As the province continues on its provincial restart plan, the demographic curve has shifted the other way.

According to VCH, those over the age of 60 now make up only 16% of cases in the province, while those between the ages of 20 and 39 make up 56%.

And while there are a variety of reasons explaining the shift in demographics, such as reopening businesses where young adults work, large gatherings and indoor parties have been a major issue.

“We’re seeing transmission take place in nightclubs in particular, but also at bars and restaurants, while boating and in other indoor social settings,” says VCH Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Patricia Daly.

“It’s the way people act and interact in these settings that’s problematic: sharing food and drinks, speaking loudly and in close proximity, if there’s background noise, and not social distancing among strangers, especially if they’ve been drinking alcohol.”

Although the symptoms of coronavirus can be mild for young adults, they can still spread to seniors and others that are at risk of more serious disease. In addition to families, shared households, and workplaces, large bubbles and excess exposure is also an ongoing issue.

“When people aren’t taking measures to protect themselves and others from COVID-19 in these settings, it means more potential risk to the public,” says Daly.

@vch.healthtokNo matter how mild the symptoms. Seek testing and self isolate. ##covid19 ##covidbc ##vancouver ##vancity♬ original sound – steviegwonder

Daly says that they “want people to get out and enjoy summer with their friends” but remember that COVID-19 is still in the community.

Earlier today, the provincial government announced stricter measures for those that don’t follow safety guidelines from the public health order. Namely, police and other provincial enforcement officers can now issue $2,000 fines for owners or organizers contravening the guidelines.

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