Vancouver's cherry blossoms are in full bloom (PHOTOS)

Apr 6 2017, 4:53 pm

With the snows long gone and the rain letting up for an occasional respite from grey skies, Vancouver’s cherry blossom trees have finally decided to stretch out their pink petals.

Naturally, Vancouverites have taken to social media to share their love of the city in full bloom.

Near Jervis Street and Haro Street. Might as well call it Cherry Tree Boulevard

Not a bad place to wait for the SkyTrain

Even when it’s rainy, the blossoms are still beautiful

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Even the doggos enjoy the flowers! 

Season of #cherryblossom #vancouvercherryblossoms #shibainusakura

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Some colour is always welcomed in this city!

Xtreme sports, meet serenity

Jaw-dropping, walk-stopping gorgeous!

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Some may even say the MOST beautiful city

Vancouver is such a beautiful city.

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Wouldn’t that be a nice place to live? 

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Can’t go wrong with greens, pinks, and blues!

Dressed to match and everything

This whole lineup is guilty of stealing our gaze

Can’t go wrong with a blossom-filled backdrop

Photo: feat-my face, background-fleurs, setting-heaven.

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