9 signs that spring has officially arrived in Vancouver (PHOTOS)

Mar 20 2017, 11:37 pm

After what has been one of the snowiest, coldest, and darkest winters in recent memory here on the West Coast, the clouds have finally broken and a long awaited spring has finally sprung.

So to celebrate the official first day of the season in the city, here a nine signs that prove that our spring salvation has arrived.

No more snow!

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As great as snow is for Vancouver headlines, it is absolutely devastating to our streets and transit system. While I may be jumping the gun on this one (perhaps April flurries are not out of the question, given this past Winter *knocks on wood*) I think it’s safe to hope that it’s only rain, drizzle, downpours, and maybe some sun in our near future.

The cherry trees have finally blossomed

If there’s one thing that signifies the arrival of spring in Vancouver, it’s the plethora of cherry trees breaking open and showering our streets in pink petals.

We start toying with the idea of taking a dip

Yes, you’ll probably only get a few toes in before you’re running back to your thick socks and weather-worn boots, but the idea of jumping into those blue waves inceptions itself further into our minds with every clear day at the beach.

Shorts and jackets are a winning combo

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You’re not going to walk around the sea wall in jeans, but you’re not about to freeze your arms off, either. (Pro-tip, If you’re going to bike around Stanley Park, bring gloves!)

Wedding season is on its way

Pre-wedding session with BS & YH!

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Listen for the sounds of lovebirds in the air. Soon Vancouver’s favourite wedding venues will be filled with flowers, celebrations, and “I do”s all through the summer.

Snow-shoeless hikes are a possibility

No wonder Canadians are so nice

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Nothing against snowshoeing, but after having to buckle on the tennis rackets just to make it to school, an easy ramble in plain ol’ hiking boots feels like a literal walk in the park.

Colour is everywhere

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Out with the white snow and grey skies! In with the purples, blues, greens, and yellows of blooming flowers and sprawling fields. Someday they might even be dry enough to sit down on (fingers crossed).

Starbucks has new cups

Downtown Vancouver 📍

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Nothing says the turn of a season quite like the coffee cups at Starbucks getting a makeover. And what better way to signify a warm and snowless spring than the colour green and an adorable bunny?

Get ready for some crazy sunrises/sunsets

43 minutes ago

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Clearer skies and loftier clouds make for stunning scenes if you can catch the sun at the right times.

Nothing like a firey spring sunset in Vancity! 🔥 📷 @maraliaz #VancityFeature

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It is officially patio weather

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Spring is finally here! And that means happy hour drinks on patios… no matter how cold it might still be out there.

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