Vancouver Cheap Eats: Pancakes

Dec 19 2017, 7:02 am

There’s a few reasons we flip for pancakes. For one, it’s the loophole to starting your day with a sweet beginning that won’t cast judgment. Though ice cream may have been out of the question, for some reason your mom found it perfectly acceptable to serve cake for breakfast…just as long as it’s flat. Chocolate sauce on your cornflakes? No way. But maple syrup? Now that’s just being a good Canadian and upholding your civic duty.

Two: It’s a great vehicle to get in a healthy dose of fruit, essential for any well-rounded diet. Top your flapjack with bananas or berries, then slather on butter, sprinkle some icing sugar, and spray on whipped cream. See, what’s healthier than a full dose of antioxidants and potassium to tackle the day ahead?

Three: Everyone needs protein, and pancakes accommodate. Enjoy their savoury side and mix with cheese, bacon, sausage, and other goodies. Like we said, we’re all about a balanced diet.

This week we celebrated one of our favorite holidays: National Pancake Day. Like most of you, we devoted February 5th to a strictly-pancake diet by hitting up our favourite cheap eat spots. From sweet to savory, Vancity Buzz and Chowmenow are flipping for these hotcake havens that won’t griddle you for more than five dollars.

Here’s how they stack up.

Jethro’s Fine Grub


It may be called a short stack, but don’t let the name fool you – these are some massive cakes. Jethro knows a thing or two about breakfast, and people are taking notice, which explains why Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives paid a visit to this joint. You can see what the fuss is about for no more than five bucks.

Bon’s Off Broadway

Bons Off Broadway

Whoever said good things come in pairs clearly weren’t reading this menu. Three pancakes at $4.50? Bon’s appetite.

Evelyn’s Café and Grill

You’ve probably heard that Evelyn’s serves two eggs, hash browns, toast and 3 pieces of bacon, ham or sausage for under five bucks. We admit, it’s a good reason to garner attention. However, don’t think they forgot about the other a.m. favourite. Score three buttermilk pancakes for $4.50 any hour of the day.

Ma Dang Goul

Let’s face it: sweet can get a little tiresome. So when we want to griddle on the savory side, we’ll head to Ma Dang Goul where we flip for mushroom and vegetable pancakes for $4.75.

Risty’s Cafe and Sushi Bar


If there’s anywhere in the world where it’s perfectly acceptable to serve maple syrup besides soya sauce, it’s Vancouver. It’s not every day that you have the option to eat pancakes with chopsticks, so whether you’re in the mood for unagi or hotcakes, you can score three of these for $4.75.


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Photo Credit: Sherman’s Food AdventuresChow TimesSpice R.