Vancouver Cheap Eats: Best cheap Tuesday deals

If you think comparing Friday to Tuesday is like putting Kobe beef against Spam, think again. While this day rarely gets noticed, all that is about to change. Tuesday is fast becoming our favorite cheap eat day of the week. From pizza to hot wings, Vancity Buzz and Chowmenow are about to show you why #TGIT is soon to become the latest trend.

Festive Tuesday at Fresh Slice Pizza 


Every Tuesday, any location, any slice, just a buck twenty-five. So that means you can chow down on four slices for $5. Gluttony is glorious.

Lentil Tuesday at Curry 2 U 


Curry 2 U is a great example of why you should pay more attention to the Twitter feed than whatever your boss is emailing you (speaking of, we hope ours isn’t reading this right now). Follow @curry2u, get the code word, then chow down on a bowl of basmati rice and three types of lentils for $3.50.

Triple O’Tuesdays at White Spot 


The OG: The Triple O. Hit the spot on Tuesdays for a #ChowFind of $3.33.

Wing Tuesday at Charlatan Pub 

Charlatan Pub

This pub on the The Drive is frying up wings for 50 cents a pop. Choose from hot, honey garlic, ancho BBQ, 911, salt & pepper, sweet chili soy, habanero buffalo, sweet madras curry or Charlie’s Dry Rub. Sheesh Charlatan, give people some options, will ya?

Horchata Tuesday at La Taqueria

Horchata Tuesday

La Taqueria gives us another reason why social media is an integral part of the workday. It’s simple: order a taco and mention their Facebook post, and you’ve got yourself a free horchata. Unsure of what that is? So were we, so we looked it up for you. It’s a milky, sweet rice drink from Mexico flavoured with cinnamon and lime. Ya, we could get on board with that. With tacos between $2 to $2.50, you’ve got yourself a sweet little meal deal.


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Photo Credit: I’m Busy EatingNadine N.Eating in VancouverRick Chung