8 local Vancouver celebrities to check out on Instagram

Sep 8 2017, 2:34 pm

From A-to-Z-list Vancouver is home to a full spectrum of stars.

And no matter how big a name they are, there’s no denying that we all get a little excited when we hear that they’ve been spotted around town.

But the truth is that whether they’re A-list actors or environmental activists; we love our local celebs because they love Vancouver, or at least that’s what we tell ourselves while we creep on their Instagram accounts!

Carly Rae Jepsen

Time switch- NYC tmr bb đŸ‘‹đŸ»LA

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Just your average pop music artist with a husband and kid living in Vancouver. Carly’s feed provides a behind-the-scenes look at her everyday life from her son’s meltdowns to red carpet events.

Michael Buble

My bucket list is complete. I love you Chewy ❀ #Disneyland #makingwookie #la

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Local heartthrob and A-game selfie-king. A scroll through Michael’s feed will quickly show you how much of a family man this guy is. If you couldn’t figure out why he writes so many love songs you’ll see from his pics; his wife’s an absolute babe.

Why do I love my home town so much ? Here’s a few reasons ! #home #vancouver #brothers

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Ryan Reynolds

Ryan’s feed is a mashup of everything; Deadpool pics, shots of him and his wife, family photos, memes, you name it it’s there. With over 14 million followers, he maintains a hilarious feed.

How’s this for meta? The women and men of Fox Marketing. Their work on #Deadpool changed the game.

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Julian DeSchutter

Best known as the co-founder for Chasing Sunrise, Julian has become an outdoor leader in Vancity. Known to anyone who’s ever participated in a Chasing Sunrise event (including a whopping 1,000 Vancouverites on Canada Day alone). He’s slid down mountains on floaties, jumped into icy lakes in a wetsuit and encouraged over 40,000 people to connect with the outdoors.

Steve Darling

Former Global news anchor, aspiring politician and smiling neighbourhood face. Follow along to see what Vancouver’s favourite Darling gets up to.

Shay Mitchell 

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Model, actress, entrepreneur and author; Shay Mitchell is a woman of many talents. She’s also a proud Vancouverite who just happens to have 17 million followers on the ‘Gram!

Home for the holidays is even more special when “home” means here. #ohcanada

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Elysia Rotaru

Perhaps best known for her role as Taiana Venediktov on Arrow, lifelong Vancouverite Elysa Rotaru is something of a staple on the small screen with appearances in all manner of hit shows. She’s also got a pretty strong Instagram game right now as her 75k followers will testify!

This #pnw morning mist

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David Suzuki

Vancouver’s most influential environmental activist and science broadcaster. His Instagram is devoted to spreading the word about the David Suzuki Foundation and encouraging people to become more connected with the outdoors.


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