We've ranked Vancouver's 8 best beaches - did your fave make the cut?

Jun 6 2018, 2:59 am

You have to admit, one of the best things about living in Vancouver is the fact that it feels like you’re constantly on vacation. (And that’s not just because it seems like every other person works from home.)

We’re talking about the fact that you’ve got several amazing sandy (and rocky) beaches in your backyard. This is something that people in other areas of the country leave their hometowns just to visit.

It’s a¬†privilege to have these beaches on the edge of our city. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top eight beaches in Vancouver that you’ll want to visit this season. But which one is best? Only you can decide. (Politely, in the comments, please.)

Ambleside Beach – The sunset paradise

Location: Argyle Avenue, West Vancouver

This West Vancouver beach would be considered somewhat off the beaten track and that’s why we love it. Take a stroll along the shore, go for a dip, and catch the sunset here any day of the week to be reminded of why you love this city.

Kitsilano Beach – The social beach

Location: Cornwall Avenue at the North end of Yew Street

Kitsilano Beach, AKA Kits Beach, is arguably one of the city’s best social beaches. With areas¬†to¬†fire up a BBQ, it’s a great¬†place to¬†spend¬†a summer’s day¬†or¬†evening with a group of your favourite people. Take your¬†dog along with¬†you and bring them¬†to¬†one of¬†the¬†off-leash areas. Shopping and dining options nearby are¬†plentiful with¬†West¬†4th Avenue just a couple of blocks away.

English Bay – The central meetup spot

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Location: Beach Avenue between Gilford and Bidwell Streets

With a central location that you can easily¬†access from the downtown core, English Bay is one of the city’s most popular beaches. It’s a great place to meet friends, crush on the views, top up your¬†tan, and the head out for dinner or drinks at a restaurant close by (there are plenty to choose from).

Wreck Beach – The clothing-optional beach

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Location: Pacific Spirit Regional Park, UBC

Visiting Wreck Beach is somewhat of an adventure because it’s tucked away on the edge of the UBC campus, down a set of winding stairs. It’s Vancouver’s top nude beach where all clothing is optional so don’t be surprised if you see groups of naked people having a blast while you’re there – it’s the norm. Vendors and musicians often set up shop on the beach, and it’s another wonderful place to watch the sunset.

Acadia Beach – The ideal spot for a seaside stroll

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Location: Northwest Marine Drive 

Located between Spanish Banks and Wreck Beach on the northwest tip of UBC, you can access the beautiful Acadia Beach via an easy trail from the parking lot. With a combination of sandy and rocky paths, it’s the perfect place to take a stroll along the water’s edge and check out the tidal pools.

Jericho Beach – The volleyball hub

The athletic options at Jericho Beach include everything from volleyball to a baseball diamond, and soccer fields. There’s ample space to kick back and have a picnic after your activities or simply chill out on the sand to¬†admire the beautiful mountain vistas before your eyes.

Spanish Banks Beach and Off-Leash Dog Park – The best place to take your dog for a swim

Location: Northwest Marine Drive, west of Tolmie Street

If you feel bad leaving your dog at home while you go off to the beach, take them to Spanish Banks Off-Leash Dog Park instead. You can find a spot to chill out on the sand while they have the time of their life splashing in the water. If you’re pet-free and looking for some quiet time, visit the western part of the beach or fire up a BBQ with your friends.

Third Beach – The secluded gem

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Location: Walk along the seawall heading northwest from English Bay

Escape the crowds downtown for the tranquil setting of Third Beach. It’s a smaller and more secluded version of Second Beach and worth the walk or bike ride to get there. You’ll mainly find adults chilling out and perhaps a sneaky beer can. Find a log to use as your backrest and soak up the sunshine as the waves roll in.

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