What you need to know to get the best possible haircut at your local barbershop

Jul 5 2018, 5:44 am

The relationship you have with your barber is an important one.

You’re giving someone other than yourself control over what the world sees. A first impression is everything, whether it’s a date, an interview, or meeting a new friend, your appearance is in someone else’s hands. There needs to be trust and communication in order for things to work out between you and your barber.

Barbers are not mind readers and you can’t expect them to know what look you’re hoping to achieve if you give them nothing to work with. To avoid walking away with a haircut you hate, here’s what you need to know to get the look you want at your local barbershop.

Bring in photos

If you’re unsure of how to explain the kind style you want, don’t be shy to bring reference photos of a celebrity style you would like to emanate, or a look you would like to shoot for. A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if you don’t know what those words are. Most barbers prefer to see a picture to avoid any miscommunication, especially with a new client.

Change is good

Maybe you’ve been seeing the same barber and getting the same haircut forever – that’s okay. But if you have a solid relationship with your barber, or if you’re feeling a bit wild and want to mix up your style, remember that barbers love when they have the opportunity to be creative. They may ask you for a general style direction to run with but if you’re open, give them free reign of your new look and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Acceptance is key

It’s important to accept the fact that your hair type may not be able to support your desired hairstyle. Someone with hair thinning in their crown will have a hard time rocking a convincing faux hawk, and it’ll be just as hard to pull off a tossed beachy look if you have coarse, pin straight hair.

Walk-ins are always welcome but not guaranteed

If you’re working with a tight timeline or require service without waiting or coming back later in the day, make sure to book in advance to secure your spot. Calling the barbershop or booking online is the best way to go.

Book the right service

When making an appointment, ensure you book the correct service so the barber has enough time to execute the style. It’s common for someone to book a beard trim (a service done with a set of clippers to address only the length of facial hair), when they actually needed a beard shape (a beard trim plus a straight razor shave on the neck and the perimeter of the beard).

The difference between these can be a good amount of time, tools, and products needed. The differences between a buzz or line up versus a haircut or skin fade are also comparable.

If you’re unsure of the services you need, call ahead and ask; there’s always someone there to help.

Be specific, very specific

Communicate small details about your style that you feel are important. These things may seem obvious to you but everyone is different, like how you prefer your neck line to look; tapered, rounded, or square. If you know the guard length you prefer used on your facial hair or parts of your cut, share this with your barber. Things like shape and length of sideburns, moustache, or beard can be extremely personal and most people are particular about these details. So, don’t be shy about it and define exactly what you want.

Speak your truth

The last thing your barber wants is for you to leave feeling unhappy. They’ll ask you how you feel about the cut – and this is the time to speak your truth. The time you have in the chair is the best time to express your opinion about whether you’re truly happy, or feel something needs a change. If you want something changed, don’t worry about being “rude” or hurting the barber’s feelings. 

It’s best to give the barber the chance to make any necessary changes right away. While it doesn’t happen often, if you notice something when you get home that you didn’t notice in the shop, call and let your barber know. They’ll likely ask you back to remedy the situation.

All of the above points may not help you at all barbershops, but they definitely will at Vancouver’s Regal Grooming Lounge. The contemporary Hornby Street spot is the only men’s grooming lounge in the city which offers everything from precision cuts, to hot towel shaves, beard trims, beard shapes, eyebrow shaping (wax or thread), express facial, sports manicure, and colour blending.

If you’re one of those people who like to read reviews before you commit to something, click here.

Book your appointment today or give the shop a call to see what all the fuss is about.

Regal Grooming Lounge

Address: 415 Hornby Street, Vancouver

Phone: 604-343-7668

Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm
Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm

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