This Vancouver barber shop offers unlimited haircuts for members - with your drink of choice on the side

Feb 17 2018, 7:25 am

You’re a grown-ass man, and you deserve a grown-ass haircut. And in a city like Vancouver, you’re not lacking for options. So what separates a good cut from the freshest of the fresh? Regal Grooming Lounge has the answer.

They emphasize quality and professional service above all else, and they have the fancy new digs to prove it. Whether you’re looking for that perfect line-up or a hot towel shave without a hint of stubble left behind, they’ve got you. Everything from Regal’s decor to the dress code of the barbers who work there echo the same sentiment: This is a place you come to when you want to improve yourself.

So if you want to swing by once a month for your regular cut, look no further. But Regal is changing the game in a big way by acknowledging that some people need to show more love to their fade than others. So what’s the solution?

Having a haircut at the Regal Grooming Lounge/Colony Digital

The Membership Rewards Program

It comes in two flavours: The Elite Program (No Beard) and the Regal Program (Beard Included). For a flat monthly rate depending on the program, you can roll up to Regal whenever you need a trim, a line-up, or anything else. If your look requires care and consistency to maintain, this is the way to do it. No more looking like Chewbacca three weeks from your last haircut; you’re going to look the way you want to look all the time.

And every time you visit, you’ll get a drink of your choice as well as access to the Shoe Buffing Station and the Cologne Bar.

Getting a hair trim, a shoe shine, and a cologne spritz right before a date? That’s what we like to refer to as a money move.

So if you want to look as fresh as possible but aren’t quite at the point in your life where you can have a barber on retainer doing house calls (and if so, we salute you), give Regal Grooming Lounge a call. They might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

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