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Dec 20 2017, 1:51 am

Vancouver artists celebrates the many great individuals that add to the vibrancy of the city’s arts scene. Today we feature Joharra Soleil, a singer/songwriter hailing from Vancouver.

Hi Joharra, first of all, you have such a unique name. Is it your real name or stage name?

Thanks. Yeah, it’s my real name. I’m Egyptian and it means jewel in Arabic, actually my whole name has meaning to it. Maya, my middle name is the goddess of illusion in hinduism, and Soleil (last name) means sun in French.

When did you start your singing career?

I officially started really pushing myself and my music a few years ago, but I have been in the music biz for years.

What’s your music style?

Even I’m not sure what category it goes in (laughs). But I really love reggae and dancehall. Anything that’s pop or makes me want to dance I love as well. So my music is a fusion of pop, reggae and r&b. I might even do a track down the road that has some Middle Eastern flare to it as well to rep my background, we shall see.

Photo by Inga Avedyan

Photo by Inga Avedyan

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration everywhere, I love big cities, the street art, musicians and fashion. I’m mostly inspired late at night when I’m out meeting people, listening to music and of course dancing.

What are your next steps in a world of music?

I’m taking it step by step as of right now, I have the fourth single of my four song EP coming out very soon. I also just launched my third music video “Dangerous” as well as some other singles I’m working on with a few other producers on the side. I have some radio interviews, travel plans, photo shoots and I will see where it goes from there.

I want to be selling out massive arenas and going on world tours, sharing my music and inspiring people to dance and do good by one another; as well as being able to help raise awareness with animals around the world and help fund animal rescue sanctuaries with the proceeds I make.

Photo by Inga Avedyan

Photo by Inga Avedyan

How does your 60 minutes look like after you wake up?

Every morning is so different in the world of Joharra (laughs). But I do have a dog, a pitbul I rescued who is my world. I love the beach and most mornings include some Damian Marley, Sean Paul, Major Lazer and other dance tunes to wake me up.

What tunes are on your Iphone at the moment?

Right now I’m on a Majid Jordan wagon that I can’t seem to hop off, The Weeknd, Chromeo, Kat Dahlia, Jidenna, Ciara and Sanitgold. Those are the last few artists I listened to today.

If you could choose an artist to collaborate with who would it be?

Man, thats a tough one, probably Major Lazer, Jindenna, Chris Brown or Majid Jordan. Actually, scratch that. I mean, I want to work with them all.

Photo by Inga Avedyan

Photo by Inga Avedyan

What are your other passions?

I dance, I love MMA and I love doing hair. But I think if I wasn’t in it for the music, I would probably be doing something for animal rights and traveling to educate and so forth, or maybe I would’ve been a pro fighter or dancer. Who knows?

What do you think of the music industry in Vancouver?

I think the industry in Vancouver is very…VERY small. And not only small but cliquey. I’ve noticed that a lot of artists don’t support each other here or help each other. I think it is a great city to record a record but other than that I don’t think theres too much to offer music wise.

Photos by Inga Avedyan

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Makeup by: Ashley Pilkey

Hairy by: Jessie Richardson

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