Vancouver Airbnb host offering van for $65 a night (PHOTOS)

Aug 31 2016, 6:18 pm

Last week, we published a story about a woman living in her van, because she can’t afford to live in Van. If you fancied a piece of that van action, do we have the Airbnb listing for you.

For just $60 a night, plus $5 service fee, you can rent out Moonbeam, a Dodge Ram Campervan parked in Kitsilano by her owner, Airbnb host, Luna.

In her listing, Luna invites potential Airbnb guests to “live how the real locals live” in her van, parked in “a lush green, quiet family Kitsilano neighbourhood.”

Moonbeam is apparently tall enough to stand up in, has curtains on every window to ensure privacy but also has four doors which open up for lazing in bed in the sunshine.

However, Luna, who says Moonbeam is also her home, reveals that she’s not actually using the kitchen facilities, and the fridge hasn’t been hooked up.

“As for the bathroom, there isn’t one,” writes Luna. “I do have running water, so you’ll be able to brush your teeth, but for the toilet there are other options…”

Luna recommends using local coffee shops for the facilities. Also, you can’t drive the van, and don’t sleep on the bunk bed.

“The bed on the bottom is a full size double bed. I can promise you’ll have an amazing sleep. It’s so snug,” writes Luna.

“I don’t recommend sleeping [on the top bunk bed] as it’s a bit squishy. It’s good for storage for your stuff,” she writes.

Sound a little too rustic? As Luna writes, “You wanted the hippie van life, this is it!”