Vancouver actor Dakota Daulby takes on tough role in Spielberg series

Dec 19 2017, 7:04 pm

Earth becomes the centre of intergalactic warfare in season four of Falling Skies. Actor Dakota Daulby is stern and rigid, yet calm and “flowy” – at least when he is playing his character Kent Matthews in executive producer Steven Spielberg’s TNT’s hit series about survivors of an alien attack on earth who band together to fight for their lives.

At the beginning of this season “The Second Mass” are separated from one another, and unfortunately Matt Mason (played by Maxim Knight) finds himself in a rehabilitation centre that “resembles that of a Nazi youth camp.” That is where Dakota Daulby comes in as head of the centre, “Kent Matthews” who he describes as “passionate, tough, a stern leader” and as Daulby thought to add, “charming.” He says that although many will see him as a ‘bad guy,’ he thinks Kent is fighting for the truth; his truth, whether others agree or not.

“At the end of the day he’s definitely a character who is not to be missed and will hopefully leave the viewers with something different.”

But before we go any farther with Kent Matthews, let’s get to know Dakota Daulby. He is the type of guy who, if given a million dollars and only one hour to spend it, would buy a round-trip ticket to every country in the world with a good backpack, to see as many cultures and continents as possible. Or, if he woke up as his younger self and had to relive his life, would practice tennis every day so that once back at the age of 19, he could challenge his dad to a match in front of everyone they’ve ever met and “woop his ass.”

For Daulby, it was the moment he was sitting at the table for the first read through of Falling Skies season 4, that he knew he was on the right path.

“Everyone was there; the cast, producers, director and writer, and everyone was excited and thrilled to be back, and I remember as I watched these actors I’ve seen growing up, like Noah Wyle, Doug Jones, Will Patton and Colin Cunningham, go through their scenes, my body began to tingle,” explains Daulby. “You know, to be there among such well established actors and artists, it’s a dream come true. There’s nothing better than knowing that you’ve earned your spot at their table.”

It is when he watches other actors performing, and sees others succeeding in the business that he thinks ‘if they made it, then why not me?’” So he continues to push forward to accomplish his dreams, which include writing, directing and acting in my own projects.

“At the end of the day no matter where you come from or what field you’re in, it takes hard work to succeed. I have such a drive to ensure that happens that I always keep myself motivated.”

In terms of his career, in addition to Falling Skies, he says he is particularly proud of two characters he’s played: the first is a corky kid from the Leo Award-winning film Sitting on the Edge of Marlene, and the second, the one he is most proud of, is his character from the wonderful, yet dark film, Black Fly, set to release in the coming months.

“Black Fly was a massive project and being the lead in that type of film, which is also based on a true story, is difficult,” says Daulby. “It comes with challenges; people are relying on you day in and day out, and it’s intimidating because you also want to serve the real people you are portraying.”

Something that he says he doesn’t think he would have been able to do without training.

“I went to school full time during that project, and still do. I owe credit to my school, New Image College, and all the teachers there for really preparing me. Whenever I got nervous or afraid for a scene, I’d just keep thinking back to what my teachers taught me.”

And so we come back to his character in Falling Skies. His process of becoming Kent Matthews is one that derives from embodying characteristics congruent to someone of that stature.

“There is a certain way in which people with power and authority walk and move,” he says. “They move without any wasted effort, no single look is not specific, and every finger movement should intimidate or persuade.”

He says that once he got his posture down, then he understood everything about him [Kent Matthews], his voice, his goals, his history.

“He became a part of me, as do all my characters, and he will never leave.”

“Falling Skies” makes its season 4 debut on Superchannel, June 26


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