Vancouver #1 For Gas Prices in Canada

Dec 19 2017, 12:31 pm

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We all know Vancouver can be pricey for real estate, parking and a few other things. However, we can now lay claim to a new title, the highest gas prices in the country. To Vancouverites this should come as no surprise. I’m just happy I live close to where I work and I pity those south of the Fraser, where car culture reigns supreme. What good is a big back yard when you spend 2 hours of your day in a car?

The average price for a litre of gas in Vancouver is $1.19 and it’s only going to get higher as the long weekend is now here. Furthermore, expect more fuel taxes to support infrastructure projects, because we all know Translink isn’t good at making any money.
The prices here are dirt cheap when compared to European cities. However, they also have a different transportation network and tighter urban communities, one that North America for the most part failed to adopt.

Here is how other major Canadian cities stack up:

Vancouver $1.19
Montreal $1.10
Toronto $1.03
Ottawa $1.02 
Calgary $0.91
Edmonton $0.86 

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