8 Kardashian outfits we styled with just $100 from a thrift store

May 16 2017, 8:44 pm

Whether you like or dislike the Kardashians, you can’t help but admit they have killer style.

Of course, it helps that they have stylists at their beck and call, not to mention plenty of shiny credit cards at their disposal.

So what will really blow your mind is that you don’t need an overflowing bank account to get the same looks. Part of the fun in replicating celebrity outfits is that you can do it with just 100 bucks – all from a thrift store.

When Daily Hive researched the svelte looks of the famous Kardashian family, it only made sense for us to stroll down the colourful aisles of Value Village. And that’s because 96% of the items sold in store are under just $10. Value Village also minimized our environmental footprint since every year it keeps more than 650,000 pounds of reusable items out of landfills.

We styled these eight quintessential Kardashian looks from Value Village and rolled out our own red carpet for a photoshoot at the luxurious Shangri-La Hotel and around Vancouver.

Look #1: The bar hopping outfit



As a Victoria’s Secret model, it goes without saying that Kendall can pull off anything. And that means she can hit happy hour with this urban grunge outfit that throws the paparazzi off whenever she wants some alone time.

Daily Hive’s happy hour look/Photo taken at Shangri-La Hotel

  • Hat: $4
  • Blouse: $6

Look #2: The street style dress


Street style T-shirt dress look/Photo taken at Shangri-La Hotel

  • Dress: $4

After scrolling through the Kardashians’ Instagram profiles, we couldn’t help but snag this edgy, low-cost T-shirt dress. This outfit is so Kardashian.

Look #3: The vintage 80’s bathing suit



Kendall’s regularly spotted in a wide variety of 80’s vintage bathing suits, and we found an affordable one at Value Village. Just like hers, ours is totally timeless. Whether you’re poolside or tanning on a yacht, bathing suits like this one are always a good idea.


80s vintage bathing suit look/Photo taken at Shangri-La Hotel

  • Bathing suit: $6

Look #4: The red carpet dress



Kendall is no stranger to the red carpet and she oozes glamour in this little black dress with a stunning open back detail. Super elegant and classy, this dress can be worn on the red carpet and the classiest of places. We found a black dress and shoes from Value Village that totally echo this look – the only difference is that we paid a mere $20.


Daily Hive red carpet dress look/Photo taken at Shangri-La Hotel

  • Dress: $5
  • Shoes: $15

Look #5: The bronze boutique goddess



Walking through a location that mirrors a European backstreet, Kendall rocks this chic bronze off-the-shoulder dress that looks like a one-of-a-kind boutique find. At Value Village, we were able to find a similar dress that gives you the celebrity appeal – without a hefty price tag.


Daily Hive bronze dress look/Photo taken at Shangri-La Hotel

  • Dress: $13

Look #6: The boyfriend sweater


The Kardashians are infamous for wearing oversized sweaters that look like their boyfriend’s clothes, paired with retro shades and killer heel boots. Kylie shows us in this picture that celebrity style can be super easy.


Daily Hive boyfriend sweater look/Photo taken at Shangri-La Hotel

  • Sweater: $3
  • Sunglasses: $2

Look #7: The “dodging the paparazzi” look

Kourtney is constantly in the limelight, so avoiding the gaze of paparazzi cameras is something you need to do with style. This is an uber glam yet casual look that you can easily recreate with little effort, but what really pulls it together is the comfy faux fur coat.


Dodging the paparazzi look/Daily Hive

  • Fur coat: $26
  • Black top: $4

Look #8: The sporty Sunday outfit



Kylie has an uncanny ability to pull off casual clothes – in this case, Adidas track pants and a slouchy sweater. And, it took us just a couple of minutes to discover these items at Value Village so we could try the look for ourselves.


Sporty Sunday look/Daily Hive

  • Track pants: $7
  • Sweater: $5

Now that you know it’s possible to recreate Kardashian looks on a budget, you can hit up Value Village and customize your own versions. Not only will you save money, you’ll also feel great about each look since more than 90% of the clothing and textiles processed by Value Village stores is reused or recycled.

A special thank you to the Shangri-La Hotel for welcoming Daily Hive onto its beautiful premises

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