You can hire a professional cuddler to keep you company on Valentine's Day

Feb 1 2018, 2:03 pm

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t get intimate this Valentine’s Day.

And no, we’re not referring to what you might be thinking about.

We’re referring to good old-fashioned platonic cuddling.


Thanks to the Canadian Association of Professional Cuddlers (CAPC), you can actually hire a professional cuddler to spend Valentine’s Day with.

According to Marylen Reid, CAPC’s founder, professional cuddling began in Canada three years ago and it has grown at a rapid pace.

Currently, there are 1800 professional cuddlers in the greater Vancouver area alone, and through CAPC you can hire a complete stranger to come and cuddle you from coast to coast.

But they don’t solely cuddle. CAPC’s professional cuddlers can be hired for skin-to-skin cuddling, emotional support, movie nights, sleepovers and even for travel. All, of course, are completed with non-sexual affection, so don’t get any ideas.

While cuddling with a total stranger might come across as strange and even a little bit foreign, cuddling is very therapeutic and actually has a number of health benefits.

According to Reid, when you cuddle your brain releases Oxytocin, which allows you to become calm and more relaxed and helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

She also added that being deprived of human touch can even lead to more aggressive behaviours and even depression.

How it works is quite simple, in the sense that it’s much like online dating. You go online, scroll through the bios of the professional cuddlers in your area and you make your decision on who you want to cuddle you.

Cuddling starts at $45 for 30 minutes and goes up to $155 for two hours. If you’re looking for skin-to-skin cuddling, that’s going to cost you an additional fee per hour.

To ensure the safety of all parties, all cuddlers must follow a code of conduct, and the hired cuddlers must even go through cuddle training to ensure that everyone is safe and comfortable at all times.

But you don’t just have to hire a professional cuddler, you can also become one.  CAPC is always accepting new cuddlers, you can register and submit an application online here.

This Valentine’s Day, rather than sitting alone on the couch, hire a professional.

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