Here are the unwritten rules of living in Vancouver according to locals

Sep 12 2023, 11:28 pm

Every city has rules its locals abide by. This includes those clearly defined laws and a general census of unwritten rules.

Well, a thread on Reddit asked Vancouverites what some unwritten rules of living in Vancouver are, and the answers are all too familiar.

We’ve rounded up some of the most relatable rules Vancouverites live by that will make you nod your head in agreement.

Keep to small groups on the seawall

bystanders vancouver police attack


The seawall is one of Vancouver’s most popular attractions with its scenic views. So, it’s super frustrating when a group of people walk side-by-side and block the entire path.

Respectfully walkers, move over and keep to two-by-two at most. Thank you.

Stand to the right on escalators

syktrain Sexual assault


Everyone commutes, and sometimes those commutes involve a mad dash. Except, it’s hard to rush when people stand next to each other on an escalator and you can’t get through.

Let’s make sure we all stand single-file to the right when we’re patiently bobbing up or down an escalator. Everyone has somewhere to be.

Don’t take pictures at Wreck Beach

wreck beach


This one shouldn’t even have to be said. When someone is comfortably embracing the clothing-optional rule of Wreck Beach, you don’t take photos.

It’s unfair to the people visiting for someone else to photograph them in the nude. While most people understand this rule, there are some who might need help to grasp it fully.

So, to reiterate once more… don’t take pictures at Wreck Beach!

Thank the bus drivers

pne fair bus translink

No. 16 PNE Special bus (TransLink)

This is one of the most wholesome unwritten rules and a very Canadian thing to do.

Thanking the bus driver is a sweet gesture when hopping off the bus at your destination. It’s always nice to give a little bit of appreciation.

Line up nicely for the bus but not the train

skytrain canada line yvr airport station f

YVR Airport Station on SkyTrain Canada Line, July 2023 (Kenneth Chan/Daily Hive)

Why is it one way for buses and another for trains? Who knows, but it’s true.

Queuing in a nice single-file line is mandatory (but unspoken) for getting the bus. On the other hand, you have to duck into whatever space you can find on the Skytrain platforms.

Zipper merge on the Lions Gate Bridge

lions gate snow


Anyone who has driven onto the Lions Gate Bridge from North Vancouver knows the traffic struggle.

One Reddit user clarified that people need to use a zipper merge to keep traffic flow running smoothly. Essentially, alternate one car from each lane in a “zipper” motion into the free lane.

Never accept anyone new into your friend group



This one is a tongue-in-cheek rule that one Reddit user came up with. But it seems to be quite accurate with the 300+ upvotes it received.

Vancouverites are stereotyped as being very cliquey. So, it’s understandable that this “unwritten rule” requires you to keep to your already-formed friendships.

What other unwritten rules of living in Vancouver do you think exist? Let us know in the comments below.

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