Vancouver startup is making unionizing in BC easier than ever

Jan 19 2023, 4:00 pm

A Vancouver-based startup just created a new tool to help union-curious workers organize anonymously.

YouIn? is a free digital platform that lets workers anonymously invite their coworkers and vote to unionize their workplace, and it just launched on Thursday, January 19, 2023.

According to the company, it’s the first anonymous unionization platform of its kind and is available for all non-unionized workers in BC.

“I was raised in a very pro-union household,” Founder Conley Mosterd, who’s been a union member for over 10 years, told Daily Hive.

“My grandfather, William Milner, was inducted in the Canadian Labour Hall of Fame in Toronto for the work he did as Business Manager of the Tunnel and Rock Workers’ Union Local 168.”

“My uncle, Conley Milner, who I was named after, was tragically killed on August 7, 1987, while blasting and scaling on the Sea to Sky highway,” he said.

Now, Mosterd wants YouIn? to empower workers to improve their working conditions and negotiate with employers. He has a small team of his own who have self-financed the development of the platform, and they generate revenue by partnering with unions.

“We began this venture in retaliation to the union-busting efforts by multinational corporations that were making it increasingly difficult for workers to organize without risk of losing their jobs,” said Mosterd.

YouIn? works closely with the organizing teams of their union partners and throughout the organizing drive, workers will get emails, guides, and webinar invites and learn more about their potential union representatives.

In the coming months, they plan to grow their list of union partners to offer services to more workers. Their union partners are members unions of the British Columbia Federation of Labour.


Screenshot from the YouIn? website

“Any workplace can unionize,” said Mosterd. “We believe our platform will make unionization more accessible to the younger generation in the ongoing fight for higher wages, benefits, pensions, safer working conditions and an end to unfair workplace discrimination,” said Mosterd.

How do you organize?

“To unionize a workplace through the YouIn? platform, a worker creates an account and anonymously invites their coworkers,” said the company.

Each person gets a single vote. If 60% or more of a workplace vote in favour of unionizing, the platform sends digital certification cards from the union they choose to represent them. Once signed, the cards are sent to that union.

Why organize into a union?

“Unions are a powerful way for workers to take control of their working conditions and ensure they are treated fairly,” said Mosterd.

“Our platform makes it easy for workers to come together anonymously and safely, giving them a stronger voice to negotiate for the better pay, benefits, and working conditions that they deserve.”

Would you organize in your workplace?

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