7 tips for proper Umbrella Etiquette

Dec 19 2017, 8:30 pm

While originally invented to protect from the sun, umbrellas are most in use during Vancouver’s rainy months.

Some would say to never leave home without one, and the same goes for good manners. Stay dry with these umbrella etiquette tips:

Be size wise

You may be on Georgia Street, but you’re not in Augusta. Unless you plan to share it with someone, keep your golf umbrella at home. For city walking, choose a reasonably sized umbrella.

Stay dry, tips to the sky

Umbrellas are meant to be held upright at all times. When looking up, be mindful not to tilt it backwards, and when walking against blowing rain do not tilt it forward. If the wind makes these rules impossible to follow, opt instead for a jacket or a cab/bus ride.

Maneuver in Vancouver

Even with a suitably sized umbrella, some maneuvering will be necessary on a crowded sidewalk. Taller people are expected to raise their umbrellas when approaching others.

Let others walk under awnings

Don’t punish those who didn’t have enough foresight to bring an umbrella; let them walk under awnings while you stay on the rain-exposed parts of the sidewalk.

No phone zone

As the case is with drivers, cell phone use is sure to increase odds of a collision for umbrella carriers. To avoid hitting other pedestrians, put your phone away and look around you at all times.

Don’t drip, tap the tip

BEFORE you enter indoors, step aside from the entryway and lightly tap your umbrella against the sidewalk. Once inside, place it in a designated umbrella holder. If you come across the plastic umbrella pouches offered at many office buildings, use those instead.

No fuss on the bus

If the people on the bus wanted to get wet, they would have walked. Close and tap/wring out your umbrella before you board. Unless your umbrella bought its own ticket, it belongs at your feet or in a bag, not on the seat beside you. It may only be water, but tell that to the person who accidentally sits in it!

On a wet day, those with good manners rain supreme!


Feature Image: Umbrella via Shutterstock

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