UK YouTube channel praises Canada as the anti-Trump (VIDEO)

Apr 4 2017, 1:03 pm

Canada continues to draw praise for all the ways it’s distinguishing itself from the new wave of partisan politics on the rise around the globe.

Far right parties, Brexit, and Trump are but a few examples.

A recent video from UK YouTube channel VisualPolitik, has called Canada one of the most significant developed countries that still believes in open borders and globalization.

Citing examples such as the admission of more than 300,000 immigrants in 2016, and that almost one in five Canadians was born abroad, host Simon Whistler points out, “hasn’t led to national tragedy, quite the opposite…”

Whistler correlates the high standard of living enjoyed by citizens and economic growth that is “bigger than that of US, the UK and Germany” as the result of Canada’s positive migration policies, recently built up global trade agreements, and “determination to deepen pro-globalization policies.”

While the video notes that “the Canada model is not perfect… compared to the new nationalist and populist tendencies of other countries, Canada has shown what a desirable alternative openness can really be.”

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