These are the 12 ugliest third jerseys ever worn in NHL history

Nov 19 2020, 2:00 pm

When the NHL first introduced the third jersey concept in 1995, a number of teams created some of the ugliest uniforms ever made.

Over the years, that tradition has held strong, with many NHL teams choosing to go either too bold, or too bland.

Let’s take a look back at some of the ugliest alternate uniforms ever seen in the NHL, excluding the new reverse retro jerseys, which haven’t hit the ice yet, and any special use uniforms, like the Winter Classic looks.

12. Calgary Flames (2013-2016)

The Calgary Flames have a look that’s hard to screw up. Their colours are sharp, and dare I say, their logo is iconic.

But screw it up they did, when they added a cursive “Calgary” wordmark on the front. No thanks.

11. Phoenix Coyotes (1998-2003)

The Arizona Coyotes had the gall to bring this design out of retirement as a reverse retro jersey this week. There are some stylish elements to it, but the cartoon scene at the bottom is too much.

10. Buffalo Sabres (2013-15)

This jersey is yellow on the front, blue on the back, and ugly all over.

9. Dallas Stars (2003-2006)

“It’s a fusion of Texas icons and the spirit of the Dallas Stars,” said Dallas Stars team president Jim Lites, when first describing this atrocity in 2003.


8. Nashville Predators (2001-2007)

Watching the Nashville Predators play from 2001 to 2007 was as enjoyable as eating straight mustard, so at least this one makes sense.

7. Atlanta Thrashers (2008-2011)

These jerseys weren’t the reason why the Thrashers left Atlanta, but they certainly didn’t help. You can maybe excuse the NBA-style number and wordmark on the front, but those socks are unforgivable.

6. New York Islanders (2011-2014)

These New York Islanders alternates belonged in the bargain bin at Zellers, not an NHL ice surface.

5. Boston Bruins (1995-2006)

Sad bear makes for a sad uniform. And we haven’t even mentioned the yellow yet.

4. Tampa Bay Lightning (1996-1999)

This Tampa Bay Lightning look featured rain and waves on the front, and bolts of lightning on the sleeve.

It begs the question… Why?

3. Phoenix Coyotes (2008-2014)

This is the second time the Coyotes have landed on this list. No wonder nobody goes to their games.

2. Anaheim Mighty Ducks (1995-1996)

Is that a T-shirt or a jersey? Either way, bad idea.

1. Los Angeles Kings (1995-1996)

Not even the Great One could save the Burger King jersey from ridicule.

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