Bring Uber and Lyft to Vancouver, say huge majority of local businesses

Oct 4 2016, 7:07 pm

The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade wants the provincial government to change the law and allow ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft to operate in BC.

In a recent survey of its members, the board found 80% of respondents wanted the province to introduce new regulations to enable ridesharing services.

In a release, Iain Black, President and CEO, said the business community has spoken clearly – they want innovative transport solutions.

“The next step is to enable new services and enhance the existing taxi industry, which is operating under regulations that haven’t been materially updated in more than 30 years,” said Black.

The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade is making four recommendations to the province:

  • Establish rules to allow ridesharing in Vancouver
  • Update taxi rules to allow them to effectively compete
  • Remove red tape to foster innovation and competition
  • Let ICBC develop insurance for ridesharing drivers

Next Tuesday, the board is hosting David Plouffe, Uber’s Chief Advisor and former senior advisor to Barack Obama, to discuss “The Future of Human-driven Transportation.”

Uber is currently available in a number of Canadian cities, including Toronto, Montreal, Hamilton, Ottawa, Kingston, the Niagara region, Windsor, Quebec City, and London.

However, the Vancouver Taxi Association, which represents they city’s four taxi companies, has fought back against Uber with threats of legal action should it launch its service here.