Uber is now offering free rides to hospital workers in Canada

Apr 24 2020, 12:35 am

Healthcare workers across Canada are now being offered free Uber rides as part of the company’s new push to contribute to COVID-19 efforts.

The ride-hailing giant says it will provide over $6 million in free ride credits, meals, and food deliveries to Canadian frontline healthcare workers, as well as those who work in grocery and pharmacy stores, frontline non-profit organizations such as food banks, seniors, and others in need.

Interested individuals who qualify cannot apply for these credits, but organizations falling under these categories can submit a request online on behalf of their employees or those they assist.

This includes over $1 million in credits for organizations in Western Canada. Within British Columbia, Uber is already partnering with the Hospital Employees Union (HEU) and BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

“We know that transportation is a key issue for our members on the front lines of this health care crisis. We want to thank Uber Canada for donating credits to HEU members for free rides, who will greatly appreciate this gesture,” said Jennifer Whiteside, secretary business manager of the HEU, in a statement.

The company also has partnerships with national organizations such as The Breakfast Clubs of Canada and CBI Home Health.

Uber’s initiatives within Canada are part of its global plan to provide 10 million free ride credits, meals, and food deliveries during the crisis.

Since the start of the pandemic in North America, Uber has suspended its Uber Pool service, provided drivers with health safety education and disinfectant supplies when they are available, and has Uber Eats delivery fees for orders over $20 from Canadian independent restaurants.

Services like Uber and Lyft, as well as taxis, have seen their ridership tank in recent weeks.

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