U2 Vancouver tickets sold out in minutes

Jan 18 2017, 8:04 pm

Anyone looking to buy a ticket for this May’s U2 concert in Vancouver will be out of luck.

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Kingsley Bailey with Vancouver Tour and Ticket Services says the ‘Joshua Tree’ show at BC Place is already sold out – it only took a matter of minutes.

He says not that many tickets were available in the first place.

“I guess the pre-sale did so well that they made 12,000 tickets available for the leg, but I’m sure they’ve held something back.”

Bailey says the seats sold out Tuesday would only make up for a quarter of the venue.

He says websites like Ticketmaster who sell and re-sell tickets for concerts are not fair to the fans.

“You have captured the primary market and you’re capturing the secondary market, it shouldn’t be allowed. I’ve been a proponent to always say that there needs to be legislation that gives the average fan and consumer the opportunity to buy tickets at regular price.”

Meanwhile, StubHub has many tickets listed for resale if you’re still desperate to attend the show.

The catch? A steep price tag – general admission floor tickets will cost you $3,969 each.


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