Twitter thread highlights why it's hypocritical to say "Turning Red" promotes disobeying parents

Mar 15 2022, 8:13 pm

Toronto filmmaker Domee Shi’s first full-length animated film, Turning Red, is the talk of the town for a variety of reasons — not all positive.

The Disney-Pixar movie premiered on Disney+ on March 11, and parents around the world flocked to watch it with their kids.

Turning Red is a coming-of-age story revolving around Chinese Canadian 13-year-old Meilin, who gets her first period, has crushes on boys, wants to go to concerts, and is caught in the double yoke of her obeying her parents and being a carefree teenager.

Meilin’s mom, in particular, is quite protective of her, but the young girl has to stand her ground and allow herself to be the true boy-band-obsessed, hormonal teen she is.

This premise has brought a lot of parents out of the woodwork, who say the Turning Red story promotes disobeying your parents and being obsessed with boys at a young age.

The film has a lower audience rating than its critics’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes for reasons such as, “it teaches kids it is OK to disobey parents if it is important to the child,” and “it’s uncomfortable that a 13-year-old was [drawing fan fiction of boy band members] in a Pixar film.”

But one Rotten Tomatoes critic, Christie Cronan of @raisingwhasians, decided to break down why the negative takes are so hypocritical.

Cronan is a Korean American blogger raising two biracial children in Florida who focuses on creating an “honest motherhood viewpoint.”

“Everyone who’s upset about Pixar Turning Red’s Meilin disobeying her parents and ‘sneaking out of the house,’ let me remind you of a few Disney films where the girl disobeyed and no one was in an uproar about it,” Cronan tweeted on March 13, two days after the movie dropped.

Here are all the films Cronan talked about:

Inside Out

turning red

Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios


turning red

Walt Disney Pictures

Little Mermaid

turning red

Walt Disney Pictures

Beauty and the Beast

turning red

Walt Disney Pictures


Walt Disney Pictures


Walt Disney Pictures

Disney fans flocked to reply to Cronan’s threads with more instances of young girls rebelling in Disney films:


Walt Disney Pictures


Walt Disney Pictures

And girls in Disney films haven’t been the only ones rebelling. Twitter user @Hey_AshBee also compiled a list of “disobedient” boys:

Aaand that’s everyone’s cue to leave Meilin alone. Turn red on your own time.

Turning Red


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