TSN 1040 switching from sports radio to "funny format" later this week

Feb 9 2021, 8:42 pm

After shutting down operations of TSN 1040 this morning, Bell Media has told staff about future plans for the now former all-sports radio station.

In an internal email sent to staff, Bell Media President Wade Oosterman said that 1040 will transition to a “funny format,” offering standup comedy content.

“The adjustments we’re making to some of our radio stations this week offer a good example of Bell Media’s readiness to change when it’s right for the business, especially when our costs are too high to justify where we simply have a better model to serve a given marketplace,” said Oosterman.

“Later this week, we’ll also transition TSN radio stations in Winnipeg and Vancouver to our funny format, which has already proven highly successful in markets like Hamilton and Calgary with its standup comedy content.”

Bell axed three all-sports radio stations today, in Vancouver (TSN 1040), Winnipeg (TSN 1290), and Hamilton (TSN 1150). While stations in Vancouver and Winnipeg will now offer standup comedy, TSN has announced that AM 1150 in Hamilton is now BNN Bloomberg Radio, offering business news.

TSN 1040 was Vancouver’s first all-sports radio station, debuting as Team 1040 in 2001. It rebranded as TSN 1040 in 2014.

Bell Media has laid off hundreds of employees across the country this week, including well-known television personalities like Dan O’Toole, Natasha Staniszewski, Kristian Jack, and Brent Wallace.

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