Why going to the mall should be on your long weekend to-do list

Feb 2 2017, 7:17 pm

Family Day is coming up – a glorious statutory holiday on February 13 when we get to spend the day home from work.

But what to do with it?

You probably wouldn’t consider heading to the mall on a long weekend, but with everything happening at Tsawwassen Mills, you might want to. The coolest part? There will be more than just shopping.

Here are some of the things you can do at Tsawwassen Mills during the Family Day long weekend.

West 49 skate park

It might be too cold to enjoy skateboarding outside, so why not head over to Tsawwassen Mills’ skate park? Organized by West 49, this indoor park covers more than 7,000 square feet and has features for skaters of all skill levels.

Kid friendly activities

If Family Day actually includes some family for you, then Tsawwassen Mills is a good place to be. It will feature magic shows for children every day during the long weekend, along with a play area where they can have a blast. They’ll also be able to get some adorable balloon animals for free, and you can rent strollers with embedded entertainment tables if you need to get some shopping done.

Uncle Buck’s bowling alley

If you need some friendly competition, then head to Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl and Grill Store. There’s a bowling alley in the back, so you can enjoy some casual dining and then underhand your way to bowling victory.


Just because Tsawwassen Mills has so many other options doesn’t mean you should forget about the main reason for why people go there in the first place. The mall has two brand new stores: Bath and Body Works/White Barn, which opened on January 27, and Victoria’s Secret, which opens on February 10. You’ll also find tons of sales, so you’ll get a great deal during your long weekend shopping spree.

Pop-up family photo booth

Who doesn’t love a photo op? You and your family can be the stars of your very own mini shoot at Tsawwassen Mills’ pop-up family photo booth from February 11 to 13. You’ll get your pictures for free so you can bring them home and frame them, and you’ll get to rock each photo using some fun props. You’ll find it south of the food hall from 1 to 5 pm, where you can take part in a contest that will give you the chance to win Tsawwassen Mills gift cards.

Don’t worry about experiencing any parking issues – since the grand opening, parking at Tsawwassen Mills has been smooth. There are nearly 6,000 parking stalls and there will be traffic control personnel all weekend to help with any congestion problems.

So why wouldn’t you go to the mall?

For more information, check out Tsawwassen Mills on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.