5 ways to create the ultimate tropical-themed winter date night

Dec 14 2020, 2:25 pm

As we head into winter (and ultimately indoors), the traditional charm of “date night” is beginning to look a little different.

With travel restrictions and more time spent at home than ever before, it’s time we got a little creative and spiced things up in the comforts of our dwellings!

For us (and we’re sure you can agree), we’re dreaming of a tropical paradise with chilled cocktails, all-you-can-eat delicacies, and the refreshing feeling of dipping into a pool at the end of a hot day. Since that trip won’t be happening in the foreseeable future, we’re determined to recreate the memories at home as we look forward to future warm-weather adventures. 

Here are some Instagram-worthy ideas to turn your apartment into the cutest tropical oasis as you and your partner enjoy some cocktails, appies, and watching the new Amazon Exclusive movie Palm Springs on Prime Video on your at-home big screen.

Shake up a tropical-themed cocktail

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Piña colada, margarita, bulldogs, strawberry daiquiri? Pick your poison, shaken or stirred, as you enjoy a crisp, sweet cocktail that will transport you to the beach. Complete your cocktails with fancy glassware and fresh fruit detailing. Miniature umbrellas are very, very much encouraged.

Escape to the tropics through some fancy appetizers

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Finger foods, grilled skewers, the works! If you’re going to act like you’re on vacation, you may as well eat like it, too. We recommend pulling out the BBQ even though it’s winter and getting a nice char on some vegetable and chicken skewers. Add a pineapple glaze for a sweet treat and an instant culinary trip to somewhere bright and beautiful.

Cozy up with a warm-weather rom-com

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Insert beach towels, plants, natural lighting, and some additional beachy decor, and you’ve got yourself the perfect set up to cuddle together (cocktails in hand) and enjoy Amazon Exclusive Palm Springs on Prime Video. It’s an ironic, irreverent, and at times insane rom-com set in an infinite time loop — sound familiar? It’s also about the main characters making the most out of the situation together and overcoming the odds. We’ll cheers to that!

Dress for the occasion

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We’re eager for any excuse to break out our shorts, bikinis, and warm-weather gear — really any excuse to get dressed and look cute. Turn up the furnace (a tad), throw on some shorts, and enjoy your warm, at-home tropical paradise with your love. You can both pretend for a moment that there isn’t a blizzard happening beyond your front door.

Capture the moment — just like you would on vacation

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Even though you aren’t actually on vacation, this is still a memory that you’ll want to look back on. Plus, it makes for a cute postcard and sentiment for your friends near or far. Dress up your wall with green and pink streamers and create some warm weather–inspired props to ensure your photo series is playful and surprising (even for your partner). Tropical Christmas card, anyone?

While we might not be travelling anywhere pool-side this winter, there’s still a big, bright world out there to explore through the lenses of filmmakers.

In case you haven’t heard, Prime Video is the home for a whole range of premium, original movies — like Amazon Exclusive Palm Springs — that can instantly transport you somewhere new this winter season.

As a bonus activity you can do on your date night, Prime Video is giving away a tropical-themed gingerbread house that you can build while watching the release. Just click on this link to have a chance to win a custom tropical gingerbread house shipped to your home.

Dive into the movie here. The water’s warm!

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