Map shows the #1 thing to do in every country in the world

Dec 14 2016, 4:55 am

If you’re like us, you love to travel.

And, of course, knowing what fellow travellers consider the #1 thing to do in any given country is always worth knowing. ‘Cause even if you get off the beaten path later, there’s a reason so many people visit the Taj Mahal – it’s a lifetime bucket list event.

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So Tripadvisor has released a map that breaks down every country’s top ranked attraction based on its popular ‘Thing to Do’ list.

Some of the results aren’t very surprising, The Great Wall of China for instance, but others are definitely not what you’d expect, like The Harry Potter Studio Tour topping the United Kingdom.

With information for 196 countries, the breakdown looked like this:

71 natural attractions
54 historic attractions
38 generic tourist attractions
29 religious attractions

So what tops Canada? What’s the #1 thing to do in the great white north?

Visit Niagara Falls, naturally. (See what we did there.)

#1 thing to do countries in the world


You can see a full version of the map here. But for a closer look at the Americas, Europe, and Asia, keep scrolling:


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