These travel deal sites want to change how you book your vacation

Oct 21 2019, 8:09 pm

Vacations are literally the only time you can totally relax — you don’t want to complicate it with financial stress and confusing reservations.

Getting a little help from experts in travel and technology can go a long way towards ensuring that your journey is a smooth one, and ensuring you won’t have to start budgeting as soon as you get home.

Providers like FlightHub and JustFly are on a mission to help make trips better, cheaper, and easier. The American-Canadian counterparts were created to offer the best variety of flights and prices, in a user-friendly way.

If they do their job right, all you’ll need to do as your departure date draws nearer is pack your bag and go. From all the cash you’ll save, you’ll have some extra spending money for all the souvenirs and fancy drinks that’ll be calling to you as soon as you get to your destination.

Sound good? Here’s how these innovative partners are changing how we plan and book trips as we know them.

Cheap flights

Is there a worse feeling ever than booking a non-refundable flight and then finding out there was a way cheaper, better option on another site the whole time? Even if it is refundable, the hassle of cancelling and rebooking is the opposite of a relaxing start to your vacay. After all, going away is all about trying to de-stress, not re-stress.

Savvy travellers can use sites like FlightHub and JustFly to find the most affordable and highest quality option for flights. It works sort of like the “best seats available” feature for when you buy tickets to a concert or the movies. They combine flights and prices from over two dozen sources across hundreds of airlines and hotel suppliers, then aggregate them all to show you the best options for you. 

Tech that makes travel easier

Millennials are flying more than generations before them, and as a generation born into technology, being able to trust that their service providers are keeping up with modern trends and user interfaces is crucial. FlightHub and JustFly understand just that. Which is why they built their own proprietary search tools, systems, and operations — giving them a leg up on the competition. They work behind the scenes to generate great flight options at low prices within seconds and both are free to use. 

With this technology, you’re also able to keep tabs on every element of your trip. The app will send you fast alerts for delayed, rescheduled, or cancelled flights, and if anything goes sideways, you’ll have access to instant service and options for changing your itinerary. 

And that’s not all. The providers also allow you to buy travel insurance, find baggage information, and request in-flight meal preferences. The sites essentially put everything you need all in one neat, tidy place in your phone.

Top-notch customer service

Running in circles with customer service representatives who are equally as confused as you are about your flight itinerary can really put a damper on your trip-planning, and worst of all, can leave you with a big bill. 

Leading consumer review website, Trust Pilot, scores FlightHub and JustFly’s customer service ratings above industry standards. Out of approximately 85,000 and 160,000 respective reviews, both companies have a 4.1 out of 5 rating.

Part of that above-par experience is getting airfare alerts about flights and packages that you’d like to keep an eye on — a free service from both providers. Once you submit your email address, you’ll start getting notifications every time the price changes. 

Offering clients as many domestic, cross border, international flights and itineraries as possible are among the sites’ priorities. They’re all about making sure you can take charge of your travel plans, so you can head into your getaway ready to unwind and enjoy.

Both FlightHub and JustFly are constantly staying ahead of the game with technology to make organizing your next vacation as relaxing (and affordable) as possible. If you want to stay up to date with what they have to offer, make sure to check up on their deals and discounts routinely. Your next vacation awaits!

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