The Trans Mountain Pipeline is close to being restarted

Dec 2 2021, 12:16 am

As long as weather conditions remain stable, the Trans Mountain Pipeline may be able to restart operations in just a few days at a reduced capacity.

Crews have been continually monitoring and assessing the pipeline and have discovered that there are no new areas of concern caused by weather conditions.

Over 44,000 cubic metres of rock and gravel have been brought in to sites that were the most impacted, and several hundred sandbags were deployed to assist with shoring-up banks in flooded areas, which allowed crews to continue assessment and repair work.

Thirty sets of pumps and hoses to manage water accumulation have been set up, along with 15 separate light stands with generators that will allow crews to work day and night.

“We are continually assessing conditions in the region and are deploying additional resources where necessary. More than 470 people, six helicopters and some 100 pieces of heavy equipment, including three pieces of snow maintenance equipment and three sidebooms are in the Coquihalla and Coldwater regions to support getting the pipeline restarted,” reads a statement from Trans Mountain.

“Provided there are no additional setbacks from the latest round of rainstorms, Trans Mountain will soon complete the work that needs to be done before a restart can take place.”

The BC government introduced gas restrictions due to supply routes being damaged and the pipeline being offline. They recently extended those restrictions to last until December 14.

The restart of the pipeline should help to alleviate the fuel supply strain in BC.

Amir AliAmir Ali

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