TransLink gives us a glimpse at getting around in 2050 (RENDERINGS)

Jan 31 2022, 6:12 pm

The 1989 classic sci-fi film Back to the Future II accurately predicted a fair number of high-tech trends the world would see by 2015, but it also got some big things wrong, especially in transportation.

Seven years after Marty McFly, Emmett Brown, and Jennifer Parker traveled to the future, flying cars are still far from reaching their infancy in development, never mind being commonly used by the everyday consumer.

But what will life be like in Metro Vancouver come 2050? You can take a glimpse into the future of public transportation in Vancouver with these new conceptual illustrations from TransLink.

Last week, the Mayors’ Council approved TransLink’s Transport 2050 plan of creating a new regional strategy that guides how the region will expand and improve its transportation system.

This includes adding over 300 km of new rapid transit for the region, as well the utilization of electric-battery and autonomous vehicles. From the buzzing frequency of package delivery drones to even hover scooters, illustrations accompanying the key planning document appear to show a futurist’s imagination of the possible sizeable changes on how we move and live.

TransLink Transport 2050 illustrations



This first illustration depicts a neighbourhood street that’s been transformed to put people first by “inviting social gatherings and play, facilitated by a shift away from private vehicle use and storage,” said TransLink.

Cars can still drive on the road, but at a much slower speed ā€“ 10 km/h, according to the illustration. Plus, e-bike sharingĀ options will play a part in Vancouver’s future.



Major neighbourhood streets will “reap the rewards of near universal access to frequent local transit” with traffic-protected active transportation infrastructure and more space for walking, biking, and rolling.

There’s even a hover-scooter imagined for Vancouver’s future roadways.



On an “urban boulevard,” TransLink says that most long trips in Metro Vancouver will take place using rapid transit that’s traffic-separated. This will free it from congestion and allow it to be both fast and reliable.

For short trips, they expect that walking, biking, and rolling will be the preferred ways to get around.



TransLink envisions shared autonomous vehicles for folks who want to use cars without owning them, supporting a transit system that emphasizes traffic-separated transit, plus safe and comfortable walking, biking, and rolling.

We’re only a couple of decades away from seeing theĀ Transport 2050 plansĀ come to life, so start saving up for a hover scooter today.

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