TransLink announces $65 million in road improvements across Metro Vancouver

Oct 14 2017, 8:11 am

TransLink announced today it is committing $65 million towards improving and maintaining road infrastructure and reducing congestion across Metro Vancouver.

This includes a $23-million, one-time capital investment on 51 municipal projects that upgrade road, pedestrian, and cycling infrastructure, with big items such as a $5-million project on 64 Avenue in Surrey to widen the road and add cycling and pedestrian paths.

Nearly $3.8 million will be spent on separated bike facilities and safety improvements on the 10th Avenue Corridor in Vancouver.

And $500,000 will go towards the Knight Street and Southeast Marine Drive interchange improvement project, which also recently received funding from ICBC.

In North Vancouver, over $600,000 has been dedicated to a multi-use route with cycling lanes along West Keith Road.

“These investments help build connections in communities. They improve quality of life by making it easier for people to get around their city,” said TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond in a statement.

“Whether it’s on foot, bike or car, it lets people pick the mode of travel that works best for them on any given day.”

The capital funding for new projects is in addition to TransLink’s annual subsidies towards municipal government to operate, maintain, and rehabilitate their portion of Metro Vancouver’s Major Road Network, which consists of over 600 kms of arterial roads and highways.

This year’s subsidy is $41.8 million, with the City of Vancouver receiving $9.2 million and Surrey receiving $9.2 million.

While TransLink is best known for its public transit services, it also has a major role in maintaining the region’s roads and bridges. It constructed and funded the Golden Ears Bridges and is responsible for the Pattullo Bridge replacement.

TransLink is a public entity under the BC Ministry of Transportation.

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