Breakfast, lunch, and dinner: Richmond's must-try dishes for every meal

Dec 5 2019, 3:33 pm

Richmond is a mecca for food-lovers. It’s where food-loving celebrities flock to, it has a world-famous night market, and it has been called one of the world’s best spots for Chinese food in North America (no big deal).

But let’s be honest, with over 800 restaurants — and all the options for dim sum, pho, seafood, or desserts — eating out in Richmond can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the area.

Haven’t managed to explore all the glorious food Richmond has to offer just yet? Or maybe you have people visiting from out of town that you want to impress with your knowledge of cuisine. Either way, we paired up with Tourism Richmond to find the best hidden gems, hot spots, and drool-worthy (and Instagram-friendly) restaurants — for the ultimate breakfast, lunch, and dinner itinerary.

Tackle them all at once, or, if you’re stuffed by the time you reach lunch, one day at a time. Bon appetit.

Breakfast at The Steveston Café & Hotel

Traditional breakfast/The Steveston Café & Hotel

The Steveston Café & Hotel used to be called the Sockeye Hotel, and it’s been around forever (or at least, since 1895). It’s popular with local fisherman and foodies alike, has got a ton of history, and the building even survived a famous fire in 1918. But besides standing the test of time, boy does this place know how to serve up breakfast!

The best thing on the menu? The Traditional Breakfast has two eggs, home-style hash browns and toast, and your choice of bacon, sausage, or sausage patties. And it’s only $10.50. It’s all about the hash browns, trust us.

Did we mention the hotel is currently being fully renovated? Snapping some pics with the new interior for the ‘gram is a must!

Lunch at Bánh Mì Très Bon


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Next stop? Some fabulous pho. The Organic Beef Bone Marrow Pho from Bánh Mì Très Bon is worth going out of your way for.

You can smell wafts of the delicious golden broth made with turmeric, ginger, and assorted spices as soon as you walk in. The eatery prides itself on high-quality ingredients and making pho the authentic way, from scratch. And this means one thing — it. takes. a. long. time. And once you taste it? Let’s just say it’s un-pho-gettable.

Dinner at Golden Paramount


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We hope you’ve reserved at least some of your appetite for dinner because when you go to Golden Paramount, you’re not going to want to miss out on any of the delicious dishes.

Golden Paramount is a very well-known restaurant in Richmond, and for a good reason (the food’s really good). Instead of getting flashy with exotic ingredients, Golden Paramount is all about letting the food shine for itself, with simple but incredible Cantonese food.

The restaurant is known for its seafood and must-orders include its Sweet and Sour Pork, Deep Fried Chef Tofu with chilli and salt, and E-fu Noodle with Crab in Supreme Broth.

If you love food or are looking to show off to visitors, you really can’t go wrong in Richmond. Not only will you find options for incredible Asian cuisine, but also craft breweries, wineries, and top-notch food courts.

If you want to learn more about Richmond’s mouth-watering options for drinking and dining, check out Tourism Richmond’s website.

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