Toronto Zoo releases adorable video of 6-week-old panda cubs

Dec 20 2017, 2:45 am

The Toronto Zoo announced the baby panda cubs born in their facility six weeks ago are doing well and have grown large enough to move to a new incubator.


Mother Er Shun gave birth to the twin cubs on October 13. The pair are the first panda cubs born in Canada.

The babies are still in a critical time period for survival and are not available for viewing by the public. The cubs are nursing naturally from their mother and are being supplemented with formula as well and Er Shun is being fed extra bamboo to keep her milk production up. It’s unknown who the father of the cubs is, since they were conceived via artificial insemination.

When they were born, the babies lacked fur and many distinct markers that make a panda recognizable, and were just 1/900th the size of their mother. Now the cubs have fur with the distinct black and white panda bear pattern.

Er Shun is on loan to the Toronto Zoo until 2018, at which point she’ll be relocated to the Calgary Zoo. The babies will likely go back to China after being weaned from their mother in two years, if they survive.

The zoo “twin swaps” the babies, switching them out to individually bond with their mother every two hours.

Watch this adorable video of the six-week-old baby pandas below:

[youtube id=”Qa-mO0xwASQ”]

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