Tornado-speed winds push 210 pound weather reporter off his feet (VIDEO)

Jan 20 2021, 7:41 pm

While wind warnings were being issued across Alberta, Kyle Brittain, a reporter for The Weather Network, was on top of Olympic Mountain at the Nakiska Ridgetop weather station in Kananaskis, just outside Calgary.

Fighting wind gusts that reached an astonishing 193 km/h — the strength of an EF2 tornado — Brittain was repeatedly lifted off of his feet. He tweeted this extreme ordeal, which was then shared by The Weather Network.

“The exact shape and contours of the landscape can cause localized areas of even higher wind speeds called ‘gap winds’ where flow is funnelled through a gap in the terrain such as a mountain pass, and accelerates even further,” the Weather Network wrote in an article about Alberta’s damaging winds on Tuesday.

The rest of Alberta also saw extremely high wind speeds.

In Southern Alberta, Lethbridge saw winds as high as 130 km/h, and in Northern Alberta, winds in Whitecourt reached 127 km/h.

Last week, Brittain captured a separate incident involving dangerous winds, when he tweetedĀ a video of a transport truck toppling over on the highway.

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