This top-rated nutrition and fitness app can help you stay healthy at home

Nov 10 2020, 6:06 pm

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Gym closures, extra time indoors, difficulty getting groceries, and any number of other pandemic-related obstacles has no doubt put a halt to many of our fitness and health goals.

It’s hard to say when in-person diet and exercise coaching will resume, but focusing on these aspects of life is more important than ever. BetterMe is an app designed to bridge the gap and bring personalization to your unique fitness and nutrition needs, right at home.

Exercising regularly is shown to reduce the risk of over 25 chronic conditions including heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes — all of which are underlying conditions that can increase your likelihood of a difficult COVID-19 recovery.

Yoga, weight-resistance training, and bodyweight exercises are all ways you can keep active from home. All of these programs and more are available in personalized plans from the BetterMe app. It’s designed to work with you like a trainer would, determining the best regimen for your goals and physical fitness level, through a personal coach feature.

If a new fitness routine sounds like a tall order, you might find it easier to start with a strong diet, and good nutrition will help you fight disease just the same. Nutrition and immunity go hand-in-hand to avoid the risk of infection or chronic illness.

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts is proven to improve health. Add in moderate consumption of dairy, poultry, fish, and other proteins while you limit sugar and refined carbs for better health across a number of your organs.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about how to integrate all of these ingredients into your meals, you’ll find the BetterMe nutrition features super helpful. It comes with meal plans matched to your health goals, with recipes that are easy to make — and even easier to eat. 

The road to great health has never been more important, but luckily it’s easier (and cheaper) than ever with these one-time-cost subscription options from BetterMe. Snag the one-year ($26.99), three-year ($39.99), or lifetime ($52.99) subscription now while they’re on sale for up to 96% off.

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