Top 5 wedding planning myths

Dec 20 2017, 3:06 am

As wedding planners, we’ve had the opportunity to be part of a wide spectrum of big days, from informal outdoor soirees to formal hotel galas. We’re firm believers that your wedding should be what you want it to be, instead of what you think it should be – it’s your wedding after all.

We’re also advocates of a well-planned event, no surprise there. So to help you with your preparation we thought we’d share five of the biggest myths when it comes to wedding planning.


1. A wedding planner is not worth the money

You are probably reading this thinking that we’ve simply included this one as a ploy to get you to work with us. While it’s in our best interest to convince you to do so, we honestly and genuinely feel like working with any planner is going to be a huge asset to the organization of your event, and will save you a lot of stress in the process. Not only that but working with a planner can actually save you time and money along the way.

2. You have to wear a white wedding dress

If a traditional white wedding dress isn’t your thing then don’t wear one, it’s as simple as that. You’ll find that wedding gowns come in all shades: pink, red, blue and even black. We’ve also seen traditional veils be replaced with fascinators, headbands and floral crowns more than ever the last few years. Beyond wedding gowns, designers like Elie Saab and Monique Lhuillier have inspired jumpsuit and two-piece bridal attire, so don’t be afraid to go a little more fashion forward with your bridal style if you don’t see yourself in a traditional ball gown.

3.You must include all wedding traditions

Speaking of tradition, from something old to something blue to a first dance and bouquet toss in between, we often get asked by our clients what wedding traditions they should include. We always encourage our brides and grooms to embrace the traditions they like and ignore the ones they don’t. Heck, it’s your wedding so feel free to create your own traditions that are meaningful to you and your family and friends.

4. Friends make suitable replacements for professional vendors

Just because your BFF’s Instagram game is on point doesn’t mean they are a qualified wedding photographer that knows instinctively what shots need to be taken. The same goes for that friend that insists she’s a contouring pro based off of a dozen how-to videos she’s watched on YouTube. You get the idea. We’re not saying your friends aren’t talented, but counting on them for one of the most important days of your life isn’t a great idea. Plus what if you’re not happy with the result? Awkward. If money is a concern, source professionals that can work within your budget.

5. DIY weddings are always more cost effective

Speaking of saving your budget, DIY is well…do-it-yourself, meaning that you actually need to anticipate the amount of hours you’ll need to spend on each project, not to mention the amount of materials required to bring it to fruition. Sometimes DIY projects are not as cost effective as you think. Our recommendation is to always do your research before attempting anything! You may be better off limiting yourself to a couple simple DIY projects and letting a professional decorator handle the rest.

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