There's an AI-powered app that gets your resume seen by hiring managers and recruiters

Aug 17 2020, 5:19 pm

Do you ever get the feeling that your resume isn’t getting seen? That when you submit it for a job opening, it just ends up in a stack of indistinguishable CVs that no one even bothers to look at?

Well, as it turns out, you aren’t entirely wrong. Odds are, your résumé is getting bypassed by ATS: applicant tracking systems. These little bots make life easy on hiring managers and employers, but stressful for the job hunter. 

Crazy but true, 75% of job applicants get rejected before a human even lays eyes on their résumé. You aren’t getting a fair shake, and that’s because you don’t know what the ATS is looking for. That’s where Rezi Résumé Software comes in. This powerful application knows exactly what the bots want to see and will help get your résumé in front of real human eyes — all for $39.

Rezi is a résumé generator like no other. It provides all of the flexibility and customization that you need to highlight your skillset and qualifications, but it also knows the tricks of the trade that will catch the attention of an ATS. Rezi builds ATS-optimized, hireable resumes by using AI tools to take keywords from a job listing and helping you boost your application.

On top of providing you with the perfect resume for any opportunity, Rezi also offers direct feedback on your document. With a lifetime premium membership, you’ll get one free review per month, putting you in touch with an expert who will help make your résumé perfect for the job you want.

Rezi is an invaluable tool for job seekers who just can’t seem to breakthrough.A lifetime subscription to the service is valued at $709, but it is on sale right now for $39. That’s a 94% savings off the retail price, so snag this offer while it lasts!

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