3 ways to become a more effective leader in the workplace

Apr 5 2018, 2:35 am

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or working for a company, one of the key factors contributing to your job satisfaction is the element of leadership. Basically, if your boss is awesome (or you’re a great boss), you’ll enjoy going to work.

Sadly, not everyone has the right tools to be the best leader for the job. But it’s never too late to change your attitude towards leadership or discover what you need to transition into a leadership role.

That’s why we sat down with Jennifer L. Phipps, CPA, CA, one of the newest partners of Vancouver-based accounting and advisory firm Manning Elliott LLP.

Working with everyone from business owners and their management teams, to professional athletes, commercial real estate owners, startups, professional practices, and creative entrepreneurs, is part of a typical routine for Phipps. She spoke to us about the fundamentals needed for effective leadership in the workplace.

Stay connected

“To me, leadership means being a guide to others. A leader will guide others through the development of their careers in the process of learning and performing the requirements of their positions.”

Phipps believes that a good leader has to have a connection with the people they’re leading in order to be able to engage them as a team. She also notes how this leadership quality helps an individual to know when to collaborate with their team or make decisions for the whole group. 

Be compassionate

In order to effectively lead a team, certain skills are required. Of course, you need to be a solid communicator, but there’s a lot more to it.

According to Phipps, a good leader “needs to be enthusiastic, optimistic, persistent and patient.” They must also “have compassion and a desire to help people grow.” She also stresses the importance of real interactions over technology as something the next generation of leaders need to be mindful of.

“Don’t let technology take away from you having the right amount of connection with the people you work with. Everything seems to need to happen quickly in our work environments. Don’t let the rush keep you from spending quality time developing your team.”

Motivate your team

The best piece of leadership advice that Phipps ever received was “get to know your staff and who they really are.” In order to get to know your staff, you have to listen to them, learn what interests them, and discover what motivates them.

“You have to be able to motivate people to complete projects at the quality that you require. If you truly care about the people that work for you, they will care about working for you.”

Understanding the best steps to take for your business can be made easier by speaking to an experienced representative from an external business advisory firm like Manning Elliott LLP.

Manning Elliot LLP is one of the province’s largest independent regional accounting and business advisory firms with offices in downtown Vancouver (604-714-3600), Burnaby (604-421-2591), Surrey (604-538-1611) and Abbotsford (1-604-557-5750). The firm has been in business for more than 65 years and employs over 200 professionals and staff.

For more information visit Manning Elliott LLP. Or if you have questions, email Jennifer L. Phipps at [email protected].

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