Tinder for dogs? App helps you adopt the perfect pet

Dec 19 2017, 11:00 am

A new app being heralded as the “Tinder for Dogs” is helping people find “fluffy singles” up for adoption in their area.

Once you download the BarkBuddy app, you can instantly start swiping through profiles of available dogs in your area. It’s intuitive, so the more you swipe the better your recommendations become.

Once you find a dog you want to meet, you can reach out directly from the app to set up a meet and greet.

bark buddy


BarkBuddy’s CEO Chris O’Brien said the company loves being compared to Tinder, the red-hot dating app.

“We love it! I’m not naming names but a lot of the BarkBox team spends a bunch of time on Tinder, so the comparison is flattering. And if this comparison makes for an easy explanation that helps more dogs find homes, then were all for it,” O’Brien told Vancity Buzz.

Currently, there are 300,000 adoptable dogs on the database — all from rescue organizations.  The model has been really successful.

The company expected 50,000 swipes this month alone — and said one user alone had checked out the profiles of more than 19,000 animals.

O’Brien says the model is perfect for the members of our tech-friendly, constantly checking our phones generation.

“The dog parents that use our other products, like BarkBox, expect things to be delivered to them the same way they would get a taxi, order lunch or even (yes) find a date, so building a fun app to help get more dogs adopted came naturally to us,” he said.

Early reviews have been generally positive. Andi in NYC said BarkBuddy “makes my Tinder matches look like a bunch of goons.”

“I plan to adopt a pup this summer and I will absolutely use BarkBuddy to find my partner in crime,” she wrote.

An adorable adoptable dog through the BarkBuddy app.

An adorable adoptable dog through the BarkBuddy app

One user says no matter how convenient the app is it just can’t compare paying a visit to your local SPCA.

“Just like dating sites, that old, mangy looking dog online might look much better and be a lot friendlier in person.”

Right now, the app is available for iPhone and iPad, but an Android version is expected to be released soon.

One of the cuties available for adoption through the app.

One of the cuties available for adoption through the app

Of course, the BC SPCA helps adopt out thousands of animals in its care each year — and it’s on the net too. Search for adoptive animals.

You can also take the low-tech route and just visit a shelter in person.

For instance, this adorable miniature poodle cross below — Nisha — is in the Vancouver branch right now. And all it takes to get her is a quick trip down to the shelter.

Nisha is available for adoption through the Vancouver SPCA.

Nisha is available for adoption through the Vancouver SPCA