Stunning time-lapse footage of the Northern Lights above the Rockies (VIDEO)

Apr 6 2017, 2:30 am

Banff Sunshine Village shared a stunning time-lapse video on their Facebook page of the Northern lights dancing over the Sunshine sky early Tuesday morning.

The video was taken from their Standish Chair webcam and was put together by their lead IT developer.

The lights were seen from 2 am till sunrise, and were still surprisingly strong as late as 6:30am.

“I actually took a screen shot from the webcam at 5:45 am and was shocked to see the lights were still so visible,” Media & Communications Manager at Banff Sunshine Village, Kendra Scurfield told Daily Hive.

“Alex, our IT developer has been working with the webcam company to improve the quality of the webcams so that they are able to capture better aura content.”

Sunshine Village luckily gets the Northern Lights throughout the year. Their high elevation and northern latitude makes the lights appear even more spectacular than they are.

“Throughout the year, we can have the lights visible 50-150 nights,” said Scurfield. “For us, summer can actually be the best time to see the Northern Lights.”

And you’re in luck! Sunshine Mountain Lodge is open this summer, giving you the perfect chance to see the magic of the Rockies at night.

Daily Hive StaffDaily Hive Staff