Incredible timelapse shows how fast Newfoundland snow accumulated (VIDEO)

Jan 20 2020, 1:50 pm

Newfoundland has been at a standstill since a historic blizzard walloped the province on Friday with record-breaking snowfall.

“A new all-time daily snowfall record was established at St. John’s International Airport,” which was hit with 76.2 cm of snow, according to Environment Canada.

The previous airport snowfall record was 68.4 cm dating back to April 5, 1999.

The weather agency says Mount Pearl topped the rest of the provinces snowfall with an incredible 93 cm of total snowfall.

The storm battered the eastern half of the island with heavy snowfall, extremely high winds, and a coastal storm surge that resulted in power outages to thousands of Newfoundlanders.

Doorcam footage set up in eastern Newfoundland whittled the 24-hour snowfall into a 30-second timelapse video that really gives a sense of how hard and fast the snow came down.

The timelapse, which was shared on Saturday night (via Reddit user Swampfoot), has received over 49.8k upvotes after making its rounds across social media.

Canadian Forces members arrived at the island on Sunday night to provide support and help after the St. John’s Mayor, Danny Breen, requested for federal assistance.


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