Tim Hortons reveals top donut and coffee orders in 2020

Dec 30 2020, 4:38 pm

Tim Hortons has revealed the most popular donuts and drinks ordered this year by Canadians across the country.

It might not come as a surprise for some that the Canadian coffee chain’s most-ordered drink is its Double-Double for 2020, but for donuts, their Boston Cream came out on top nation-wide.

“Boston Cream donuts are a classic and I’m not surprised it was Canadian Tim Hortons guests’ choice this year,” said Tallis Voakes, the new Culinary Lead for Tim Hortons, in a news release.

“It’s a filled, soft, yeast donut and has delicious chocolate and creamy vanilla flavours. The concept for the donut comes from a Boston Cream Pie recipe that’s over 100 years old ā€” it’s so cool to me to see how dishes evolve over time.”

In second place came their Apple Fritter, Old Fashioned Plain in third, Honey Cruller in fourth and Chocolate Dip in fourth.

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Though the top coffee orders this year were consistent for all across the country, the top donuts differed depending on the region.

For Ontario and the western provinces, Tim Hortons’ top treat was its Apple Fritter and for Quebec, the Honey Cruller.

“I agree with my friends inĀ Quebec, the Honey Cruller is my jam,” said Voakes. “But it’s like anything else, everyone’s got a favourite and there’s no wrong answers.”

For the Atlantic provinces, they also had the Boston Cream at the top of their list.

As for drinks, the Double-Double was followed by the “regular” order in second place and black coffee in third.

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