Canadians were desperately searching for an open Tim Hortons on Christmas Day

Dec 27 2017, 5:32 pm

While most stores, restaurants, and businesses close down on December 25, there are a few Tim Hortons locations (though not all) that stay open through the holiday – and those restaurants become hotspots on Christmas Day.

Tim Hortons hours are decided by the restaurants’ individual owners, so it is up to each location to decide for itself if it will be open on Christmas Day.

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Many places were closed on the 25th, but there were a few that stuck it out to supply desperate Canadians with that necessary cup of coffee.

With that small hope in mind, Canadians across the country were on a mission to find that elusive Tim Hortons to get their coffee fix, and once there they found that the lines were, understandably, quite long.

Though it’s not as though something as trivial as a lineup would stop these Canadians after braving snow, ice, closed signs, and an impending sense of uncertainty.

And probably the most Canadian thing ever happened for this lucky tweeter.

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