Speeding motorists issued ticket for sunroof selfie on the Sea-to-Sky

Feb 14 2017, 7:22 pm

It was a costly – and potentially dangerous way – for the passenger of a vehicle to capture the perfect moment while travelling the Sea-to-Sky on Monday.

And the driver’s likely not too happy about how things played out either.

According to the West Vancouver Police, an officer flagged a vehicle that was travelling 40 km over the speed limit, just after 1 pm on Monday, February 13.

The officer then noticed a passenger in the car stand up through the car’s sunroof and start filming the excursion with his cellphone.

The officer then turned on his vehicle’s siren to pull them over.

But the sound of the siren apparently startled the passenger, who dropped his phone on the highway where it smashed.

The sound also seemed to startle the driver of the vehicle who then hit the brakes, causing the passenger who was standing through the sunroof to bang his head and shoulders on it as he hastily tried to sit down.

An expensive selfie

The driver received a $196 speeding ticket, while the passenger got a $167 fine for failing to wear a seatbelt.

But other than a painful hit to their wallet, no serious injuries were reported.

“West Vancouver Police urge all drivers and passengers to use appropriate caution when travelling,” the WVPD reiterated on Facebook.

And maybe next time, keep all body parts inside until the vehicle has come to a complete stop.

Eric ZimmerEric Zimmer

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