This Vancouver startup is making confidence-inspiring clothes

Sep 29 2017, 11:37 pm

Everyone has hang-ups.

You could dislike your hair, your shape, or even the area you live. But it shouldn’t get you down or break your stride.

When something is uncomfortable and you feel like giving up, remind yourself that “if you stick with positive thoughts and good habits, everything will work out.”

That’s the message that Vancouver startup Threads of Apollo (ToA) is sending out.

After a trip of negativity, founder of ToA, Wakkas Sachwani, changed his thought process to focus on positivity. And then his startup was born.

“I decided that I wanted my brand to be as much about a positive mindset as apparel. A year later, it is finally here, I hope whoever is going through a quarter life crisis takes the time to check it out. While doing that, take the time to just reflect on where you are and how lucky you are. Make a list if you must and read it everyday. I promise you will get past whatever you are going through much easier if you do,” Wakkas Sachwani told Daily Hive.

His clothing brand is aptly named after the Greek God Apollo and aims to inspire positive feelings as well as confidence in those wearing their premium yet affordable products. ToA’s goal is to help you reach your full potential in your own unique way – by adopting good habits.

And since the weather is getting colder, ToA is a brand that you’ll be interested in hearing about as they’re creators of the ultimate leather jacket collection.

Achilles “Racer Jacket”

Achilles jacket/Threads of Apollo

Just in case you’re wondering, the hood is removable.

Ares “Biker Jacket “

Ares jacket/Threads of Apollo

The belt on this jacket can be removed and it also comes in a warm burgundy colour. Now winter doesn’t seem so bad.

 Icarus “Flight Jacket”

Icarus jacket/Threads of Apollo

What’s also cool is that you can remove the fur collar on this aviator Top Gun style jacket if you’d like.

Each style of jacket comes complete with utility pockets conveniently located inside so they don’t interfere with the overall look of the jacket – the perfect tool for the modern man.

If you’d like to be inspired by the clothes you wear you can support ToA on Kickstarter for as little as $2 or order a jacket for a pledge of $225. The brand is also selling leather gloves that are the perfect wearables for the winter season.

For more information and to start shopping, visit Threads of Apollo now. To get the latest updates, check out Threads of Apollo on Facebook and Instagram.

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